Chapter 400: The First to Talk Is a Dog (5)

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An Xiaxia bit her lip and dropped the bag of chips in her hands.

She wanted to ask Chi Yuanfeng what happened, but since she and Sheng Yize were still fighting, she fought back the urge and only asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chi Yuanfeng sounded exasperated. “He has a fever and his temperature is over 39 degrees! He only gave me a short phone call, then there was nothing. I only just got here. Sob … Xiaxia, what should I do? Brother Yize looks like he’s going to die…”

An Xiaxia panicked. Chi Yuanfeng was hopeless at taking care of other people and Sheng Yize was so sick…

She was getting scared and said in a hurry, “Fengfeng, call his family doctor first, then put a cold towel on his forehead… Do you know how to do that? Wet a towel first…”

She walked Fengfeng through every detail before putting on some clothes and heading for the door.

“Xiaxia, where are you going?” Su Xiaomo walked out of the bathroom, still brushing her teeth.

“I need to check up on Sheng Yize!” An Xiaxia dashed out after that.

Su Xiaomo went on brushing her teeth and grinned.

Captain Yize was indeed a smart guy! Tsk, tsk, poor Rabbit Xia. She was going to be eaten whole by the scheming big bad wolf…

An Xiaxia hailed a taxi and rushed to Sheng Yize’s place.

She had run too fast and her chest began to hurt again. She took a few deep breaths and quickly walked in.

The doctor had prescribed Sheng Yize some medicine and Chi Yuanfeng was standing around helplessly in the kitchen. Seeing that An Xiaxia was there, he was elated. “Xiaxia, how do you boil water?”

An Xiaxia was speechless. She sighed in resignation, put on the kettle, then hurried into the bedroom.

Sheng Yize lay there with his eyes closed, his lashes shivering every now and then. Fine sweat covered his forehead and he was frowning. She could tell that he was very uncomfortable.

“Sheng Yize…” An Xiaxia ran to him. At her voice, Sheng Yize squinted and asked weakly, “Xiaxia, is that you?”

“Yes!” An Xiaxia asked nervously, “Is it that bad? Just hang on for a bit longer. You’ll feel much better after you take the medicine.”

Sheng Yize was going to agree when he remembered Su Xiaomo’s message. His reply then became a weak “Hm, I feel awful.”

This was the first time he had ever shown his weak side and An Xiaxia had long forgotten her anger at him. She changed the cold towel on his forehead just as Chi Yuanfeng came up to them with some hot water. She helped Sheng Yize up. “It’s time to take your medicine.”

Sheng Yize sniffled. “It’s too bitter.”

What? Did Mr. Idol say he was afraid of the bitter taste? An Xiaxia was baffled.

However, she then felt helpless when she saw Sheng Yize’s pitiful face. “How will you get better if you don’t take the medicine…”

Dummy… Sheng Yize scolded her gently in his mind while rubbing his head on An Xiaxia’s shoulder. “Feed me and I’ll take it.”

His deep voice was a little raspy, which reminded her of a clingy big dog.

An Xiaxia blushed. “Aren’t you too ill to play the scoundrel?! I – I’m not doing it!” She couldn’t bring herself to think about feeding him with her own mouth.

Sheng Yize looked right into her eyes. “What’s wrong with asking you to put the pills in my mouth…”

He lowered his head and looked like a wronged puppy.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. So, she had been overthinking it.

She picked up the pills and fed them to Sheng Yize.

After Sheng Yize finished a glass of water, An Xiaxia helped him to lie down. Sheng Yize grabbed her sleeve and said, “Arf! Arf! Arf…”

“Have you lost your mind?! Why are you barking?!” An Xiaxia glared at him. Her own angry words then rang in her head.

The first to talk is a dog.