Chapter 401: The First to Talk Is a Dog (6)

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It felt as if someone had thrown a little stone into the pond of her mind and the ripples were spreading out…

Why would this guy… do such things…

An Xiaxia looked away and snorted.

“Can you forgive me…” Sheng Yize said slowly, which gave Chi Yuanfeng goosebumps.

“Um… I just remembered that Brother Jiayu is making instant noodles back at home. I’m going back for my dinner!” Chi Yuanfeng winked at Sheng Yize and fled the scene.

Tsk, tsk, Brother Yize was indeed brilliant. Xiaxia had come to take care of him as soon as he was ill!

However… why did he feel that the couple had just shown off how in love they were in front of him?

Chi Yuanfeng shrugged.

Back in the room, Sheng Yize wouldn’t let go of An Xiaxia’s hand and acted like a helpless child.

An Xiaxia had only gotten out of the hospital that afternoon. She had been too busy taking care of Sheng Yize just then to feel anything, but now that she had calmed down, she began to feel unwell.

Sheng Yize noticed this and shifted adorably to one side. He then patted the spot he had made for An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, here.”

An Xiaxia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why did Sheng Yize become so childish when he was ill?

Hm, a child cuter than even Dearie Sheng.

She lay down beside him and was immediately welcomed by a warm embrace. An Xiaxia complained in a low voice, “You won’t pass your virus to me, will you?”

Sheng Yize pondered for two seconds before shaking his head affirmatively. “No, I won’t.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia gave him a suspicious look. “Speaking of which, aren’t you always in great shape? Why did you get a fever all of a sudden? Was it influenza or something…”

Sheng Yize felt guilty for two seconds.

Did catching a cold by taking a cold shower in March count as a viral infection? Ahem…

“Xiaxia, I’m sleepy.” Sheng Yize played the adorable kid again.

An Xiaxia had no choice but to pat his head, as if she was stroking a dog. “Good boy. Let’s sleep now. You’re burning up. I bet you can’t even think straight right now. You’re never this cute when you’re healthy.”

She didn’t see the corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitch.

Despite his high fever, this malady was actually nothing to him. His mind was sharp enough to do some Mathematical Olympiad problems now…

However, in order to get An Xiaxia back, the scheming guy kept playing the weakling. He fell asleep, holding onto An Xiaxia as if she was a little cushion.

He had a very long dream in which he was back in the villa in Sunset Town, playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Songsong was next to him, playing a violin. The jarring noise she made was set off against his pleasant piano music.

After they finished, Songsong said angrily, “I don’t want to play the violin anymore! Sob …”

He cajoled her hastily. “Hey, you saw the prince play the piano and the princess play the violin on TV, so you said you had to learn it. Why are you crying over it now…”

“But I’m terrible at it.” Songsong was crying her eyes out and even gave a weepy hiccup.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get there. We’ll play together one day.”

“Really? You can’t leave me behind, then…”

That old memory should have become blurry after all these years, but it had come back so vividly tonight.

Back then, Sheng Yize had always thought everything would work out eventually. However, that promise of playing together had not been fulfilled until this day.

An Xiaxia showed up in the second half of his dream.

He was hot and An Xiaxia was cool and soft. He couldn’t help but press himself against her…

The sound of panting, weeping, and moaning wove together in a sensual rhythm…