Chapter 402: Life and Death (1)

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The girl complained a little under his body and he tightened his grip on her waist. He wanted to lock her up between his arms and never let her go.

The dream was as addictive as opium, sucking him in…

Sheng Yize woke up first at daybreak.

An Xiaxia was sleeping soundly in his arms. Her face was delicate and she had skin as smooth as porcelain, making him want to pinch it.

Sheng Yize was fully awake with a clear head. He had a mild look on his face as he reached out with a slender finger and poked An Xiaxia’s cheek.

It was as soft as ever.

And if felt much more real than his dream last night.

At the thought of the ridiculous dream, Sheng Yize immediately felt the unusual state of his own body. His head went blank for a few seconds before he sighed in resignation.

He got up and took a shower to wash off his sweat. His fever was gone.

After that, he threw the dirty clothes into the basket and washed his underwear.

Damn it. He had had a wet dream about An Xiaxia!

Sheng Yize walked out of the bathroom with a scowl. An Xiaxia was still fast asleep in bed. She was probably having a sweet dream, for she was making satisfied inaudible sounds.

That woman!

He had been tormented throughout the night, while she had slept carelessly!

Despite his disgruntled mood, as soon as he saw An Xiaxia’s little face and recalled how she had cared for him as well as her concerned look last night, all his grumpiness disappeared.

He went downstairs to prepare breakfast when the doorbell rang.

He went to answer the door. Song Qingchen stood gracefully outside, the ghastly wound still visible on her cheek. After much hesitation, she said, “Brother Ah Ze… I’m entering the repêchage for the music festival. Would you play the piano for me?”

Sheng Yize frowned and said nothing.

Song Qingchen smiled. “You can say no. It’s okay… After all, I’m the only one who still remembers our promise…”

She turned to leave when Sheng Yize stopped her.


She turned back and looked at Sheng Yize in confusion.

Maybe that dream last night had affected Sheng Yize. His suspicions were eventually drowned out by his guilty conscience.

“If I play for you, you’ll have to promise me one thing. From now on, stop being hostile toward An Xiaxia.” That was his bottom line.

Song Qingchen nodded repeatedly. “Alright. Fulfill my wish and I’ll leave this place.” As if to convince Sheng Yize further, she tilted her head and asked, “Although, that compensation you mentioned, does it still count?”

“Name your price.”

“I heard the travel agency run by Sheng Group has come up with a package, which allows one to travel the world on a VIP card. Brother Ah Ze, I want one of those cards. I’ll take some time off school and go see the world. After that, I’ll go back to Country M,” Song Qingchen said sincerely.

That was actually a genuine dream of hers.

Sheng Yize looked into her eyes, trying to see if she was lying, but Song Qingchen’s eyes looked clear and bright. After some thought, he nodded. “Alright.”

Song Qingchen smiled in satisfaction and pranced off. She looked as innocent as a little kid.

It reminded him of the warm memories he had of her.

He went back to the kitchen with an indifferent look on his face, pondering a question.

The egg he was making for Xiaxia, should he make it into a heart shape or a sun shape?

Hm, that was a very important question.

The Li family.

Li Fanxing looked at the uneasy Jian Xin’er standing in front of her. The latter’s clothes were in tatters and her face was all smeared.

No one could have guessed that the once treasured daughter of the Jian family was now living like a scavenger!

“What do you… need me for?”