Chapter 404: Life and Death (3)

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A week passed in the blink of an eye.

As soon as the last bell of the day rang out, An Xiaxia grabbed her bag and was going to go home to watch the latest TV series. Su Xiaomo pounced on her and pinched one side of her breast. “Tsk, tsk, Xiaxia, what have you been eating these days?”

An Xiaxia blushed a little at this unexpected attack. “You brute! Hands off me!”

She rubbed her cheek and asked in a disheartened voice, “Momo, have I gotten uglier lately? I think I’ve gained weight after Chinese New Year…”

Su Xiaomo took a closer look at the teenage girl in front of her: she had a tiny frame and a glowing complexion; her black eyes were as bright as stars.

If she had to name one thing that was different from before, it seemed that… her breasts were bigger now?

And her facial features had a grown-up look to them now. Her expressions now faintly reminded one of a great beauty.

“Xiaxia, I don’t think you’ve gained weight… You’re probably becoming mature physically,” Su Xiaomo said, rubbing her own chin. “Tsk, tsk, I think you’re getting prettier. Do you look like your mum? I bet she’s a great beauty herself…”

A lonely look swept across An Xiaxia’s face.

Growing up, she had never met her mother once, nor had Papa An and An Yibei showed her any of her mother’s photos.

To this day, she still didn’t know what her mother looked like.

As her childhood friend, Su Xiaomo realized immediately that she had said the wrong thing. She changed the subject right away. “Hey, I heard that there’s this very cute guy in the music festival, but I think he was eliminated in the first round of auditions. He’ll be there for the repêchage today. Since we have nothing better to do, let’s go check him out!”

The two arrived at the venue for the repêchage an hour later and found themselves two seats in a corner.

The first audition had been rather strict this time and there weren’t enough contestants for the semifinals. Hence, a repêchage had been set up to take in more people.

The cute guy Su Xiaomo mentioned drew the number six by lot and went on stage after a short while.

An Xiaxia almost choked on her spit.

He had delicate features, a long fringe, and was very slim. With his expressionless face, if one had to describe him, “pretty” would be much more suitable than “handsome”!

“Is that really a boy?” An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

Su Xiaomo chuckled. “Of course. He’s like the ultimate bottom! Tsk, tsk, he looks so yummy… I so want to pin him down and make him cry under me…”

An Xiaxia was speechless.

Su Xiaomo had definitely chosen the wrong sex when she was born…

After him came contestant No. 7. An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were going to leave, but both were dazed when they saw the person on stage.

It was Song Qingchen!

They wouldn’t have given it much thought if Song Qingchen was the only one up there. However, the person sitting at the piano accompanying her was none other than Sheng Yize himself!

Su Xiaomo felt An Xiaxia tense up right away.

“Xiaxia…” She called her name quietly, but An Xiaxia didn’t reply. Her mind was somewhere else.

On stage, the two played a classical piece, which was often heard during wedding ceremonies.

An Xiaxia felt her eyes burn.

Sheng Yize hadn’t told her about playing for Song Qingchen…

After the performance was over, An Xiaxia sat there staring blankly into the air for quite a while before absentmindedly walking out of the music hall.

Su Xiaomo followed her and asked nervously, “Xiaxia, are you alright?”

An Xiaxia shook her head. Su Xiaomo sighed, hailed a taxi, and pushed An Xiaxia into the car.

A short distance away, Song Qingchen had also gotten into a taxi with tears on her cheeks.

Behind them in a nondescript Buick, Jian Xin’er sneered. “That’s her! Follow that taxi!”