Chapter 405: Life and Death (4)

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Song Qingchen held her violin case in her arms and let her tears fall freely. Her pitiful face reminded one of pear blossoms in the rain.

The taxi driver asked immediately, “Why, miss, what happened? Broke up with your boyfriend?”

Song Qingchen smiled wryly. If one could break up with unrequited affection, then she had just been dumped.

Five minutes ago after her performance was over, Sheng Yize had given her a card.

He had fulfilled all her requests.

She had been living a lie and putting up a show in front of Sheng Yize these days. Deep down, she did like the teenager very much.

However, the boy she liked had already given his heart to another girl.

She had played tricks and tried to steal him away. But she was worn out now and had come to her senses.

Working with Li Fanxing was like asking a tiger for its skin. In the end, she herself would be the one to pay the price!

Hence, she had decided to back out.

Before she left, she stood on her toes and tried to kiss Sheng Yize goodbye. However, Sheng Yize kept his countenance and moved away. He then said indifferently, “Have a safe trip.”

Song Qingchen smiled awkwardly. “Yes. Bye, Brother Ah Ze.”

Farewell. We’ll probably never meet again.

Time would erase everything that had happened all these days.

Despite that thought in her head, her tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

The taxi headed for the airport and Song Qingchen looked out the window, choking with sobs as the landscape flitted by outside.

The driver was a rather solicitous fellow. He kept telling her jokes to lighten her mood.

“Three-legged toads are rare things, but two-legged men are everywhere… By giving up a tree, you’ve just given yourself an entire forest to choose from!” His sing-song voice brought a smile back to Song Qingchen’s face. Just then, the driver mumbled, “Miss, does anyone bear you a grudge? That Buick has followed us for three blocks!”

Song Qingchen feel a chill run up her spine and she began to have a bad feeling about this.

Li Fanxing…

No! Li Fanxing definitely wouldn’t just sit there and watch her leave!

Seeing her pale face, the driver patted his chest. “Don’t worry. I’ll speed up and see if we can throw them off!”

He sped up and just happened to drive past the taxi An Xiaxia was in.

An idea came to Song Qingchen when she recognized An Xiaxia in the other car.

“Driver… I have a good idea that can get the car off our backs…”

“Xiaxia, maybe there was some misunderstanding…” Su Xiaomo was doing all she could to console An Xiaxia. “Let’s confront Sheng Yize, then! I’ll beat him up for you! Tell me, which hand of his shall I chop off?”

“Pfft… That’s alright, Momo. I know you’re trying to make me feel better.”

“Mwa! Just remember, I’m always here for you!”

As they chatted, the taxi turned at the fork of a road. Another taxi accelerated and flitted past them, quickly disappearing into an inconspicuous alley.

The Buick stopped at the red light. When the light finally turned green, the man in the driver’s seat cursed under his breath. “F**k. I hope we didn’t lose them.”

“No, we didn’t. They’re right there!” Jian Xin’er pointed at the taxi ahead. “Quickly! Get them!”

The man floored the gas pedal and went after the taxi at lightning speed.

In the alley.

The driver said approvingly, “Miss, you’re so smart, remembering that the taxi’s license plate was only different from mine by one number… We put some distance between us at the traffic light. I think that Buick has already taken the bait and gone after that other taxi…”

“We couldn’t have done it without your knowledge of this alley…” Song Qingchen forced a smile and clutched her seatbelt.

An Xiaxia, it just isn’t your lucky day today! Don’t blame me!

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Chapter 406: Life and Death (5)

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The taxi turned into a deserted section of the road. Su Xiaomo asked sarcastically, “Driver, isn’t this the Yu City cemetery? Why have you taken us here?”

“Well, it’s a shortcut. It’ll save me some gas…” The driver chuckled. Su Xiaomo pursed her lips, but at the thought that the man was only trying to make a living, she didn’t comment on his choice of route.

The car stopped all of a sudden and the driver sounded embarrassed. “I think the car has broken down. Let me have a look.”

He fiddled about for a couple of minutes, then stuck his head in through the window. He looked sorry when he said, “I think the car has really broken down… We’re at a crossing now and I shouldn’t park here. Can you two give me a hand and push it to the side… Ahem, I won’t charge you for the ride!”

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were speechless.

As two kindhearted adolescent girls, they got out of the car and were going to help the driver out.

A Buick screeched to a stop behind them and a few stalwart men in black filed out. The driver smiled dumbly at them. “Hey, Bro, do you mind giving me a hand…”

Before he could finish his words, he was kicked to the ground.

“Aaah —” An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo shrieked. The stalwart men went up to them, then exchanged bewildered looks.

Neither of the two looked like the girl in the picture.

However, An Xiaxia happened to be wearing a red coat like Song Qingchen. Hence, the men in black decided she was the one they wanted!

Su Xiaomo shielded An Xiaxia behind her. However, she was only one person and two men soon caught hold of her hands and wouldn’t let go of her no matter how violently she struggled.

“Hey! Hands off me! Goddamnit! Do you know you’re committing a crime here? Do you have any idea how many years in prison you’ll get for kidnapping?” She yelled at the top of her lungs, trying to get someone to hear her.

However, the vast cemetery was awfully quiet and there was no one around but them.

An Xiaxia bashed and kicked. Then someone covered her mouth with a towel from behind. There was a pungent smell and she slipped into darkness.

The stalwart men then carried An Xiaxia into the Buick and sped off, soon disappearing into the distance.

Su Xiaomo panicked. She took out her phone and called the police!

In the car.

Jian Xin’er removed the towel, trying to see what this so-called childhood sweetheart looked like. She was shocked when she saw the face under the towel.

“What?” the man in the driver’s seat asked when he didn’t hear her say anything.

The look on Jian Xin’er’s face was indescribable. “You got the wrong person…”

“Shit! You’re useless!” The man burst out in anger.

The stalwart men in the back shuddered at this and lowered their heads in unison.

“Since we’re stuck with this one already, let’s take her back first.” Jian Xin’er’s eyes flickered. The man frowned and agreed. Letting her go would definitely attract the attention of the police, which would make it much more difficult to get to Song Qingchen next time.

When An Xiaxia woke up, she found it hard to breathe. The air smelled of fish. She tried to move, but realized that both her hands and feet had been tied up.

A familiar female voice rang in her ears.

“An Xiaxia, I never thought I’d see you like this one day.”

All the color drained from An Xiaxia’s face as she looked at the girl in front of her. It had only been a few months, but Jian Xin’er looked like a completely different person now. She had sallow skin and was as thin as paper. Her eyes, however, were frighteningly bright, as if she was going to eat An Xiaxia alive.

“Jian Xin’er…?” An Xiaxia said her name in a raspy voice. Jian Xin’er guffawed, then pushed An Xiaxia’s head into the fishtank next to her!

“Hm…” The foul water rushed into her nostrils and mouth. As An Xiaxia struggled in agony, Jian Xin’er laughed wildly…