Chapter 407: Life and Death (6)

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An Xiaxia’s head was held down in the water and she felt like her lungs were going to explode. She tried her best to hold her breath, but Jian Xin’er kept pushing her head deeper into the tank.

She then ran out of air. As soon as An Xiaxia tried to breathe, water rushed into her mouth…

The feeling was so terrible that she thought she was going to die…

Her lungs burned and her head was pounding.

An Xiaxia thought she might not walk out of here alive today.

All of a sudden, Jian Xin’er pulled her up by her hair.

An Xiaxia gasped for air. She was only able to take a few breaths when Jian Xin’er guffawed and pushed her head back down…

The process was repeated over and over again.

Whenever she felt like she was going to drown, Jian Xin’er would pull her out to let her breathe before pushing her back in.

An Xiaxia struggled violently at first. However, as the torture continued, she started slipping away and simply decided to stop fighting.

She would rather die than live through this suffering.

Jian Xin’er couldn’t get enough of what she was doing. The tall man from earlier then came up to her with a frown. “That’s enough! You’ll kill her like this!”

Jian Xin’er giggled and dragged An Xiaxia out. She then slapped her hard twice before kicking her to one side.

“Fine… Then I’ll try something that won’t end up killing her. I can find quite a few friends that will enjoy having their way with this woman. Teehee…”

She laughed like a lunatic and went to make the calls. The man frowned and thought about stopping her. On second thought, he decided that it would be better for him if this thing got out of hand. He could then pin everything on this crazy woman and no one would link it to him.

At that thought, he bent down and lifted An Xiaxia’s chin.

An Xiaxia was ghastly pale. She coughed weakly, then opened her eyes wide when she recognized his face!

“Rong… Rong Che?!”

“So you do remember me.” Rong Che took off his cap, revealing the elegant features of his face. He smiled enchantingly and ran his fingertips along An Xiaxia’s cheek in a frivolous manner. “Such a pretty little thing. I’m afraid you’re going to have a tough time in a moment…”

An Xiaxia’s pupils dilated and her eyes glistened with tears. However, she calmed down almost immediately.

Rong Che’s scandal had provoked a fanfare of publicity. After the plagiarism, his life as a kept man and his history of plastic surgery had all been exposed. He no longer had an agent to manage the crisis for him. Moreover, his manager had fallen out with him, and had told the press of Rong Che’s long years of suppressing newbies and how much of a poser he really was.

Everyone liked to kick a man who was already down. It wasn’t long before Rong Che’s reputation was in the mud and he became this utterly discredited guy that everyone could spit on.

Rumor had it that he had moved abroad. Why had he shown up here, then…

Rong Che stroked her cheek, loving the tenderness under his fingertips. He narrowed his eyes.

Since she was going to be defiled by those guys, he might as well take his share first.

His mouth curled into a smile as he untied An Xiaxia. “Weren’t you my fan once? For old times’ sake, I can let you go.”

An Xiaxia believed him. She rose to her feet and only ran two steps before Rong Che snatched her back into his arms.

He blew on her earlobe. “I lied.”

An Xiaxia struggled free, looking horrified, which only made Rong Che’s smile widen. It was indeed more fun to have prey that could run. If An Xiaxia was tied up, it would be much less fun.

He ransacked the place and came back with a tool box, a few candles, and a sharp dagger…

An Xiaxia’s head was buzzing.

Rong Che couldn’t be a pervert, could he…

“Why aren’t you running anymore?” Rong Che picked up a wrench and smiled.