Chapter 409: Life and Death (8)

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The world seemed to go silent in that instant.

An Xiaxia almost forgot to breathe.

Jian Xin’er was the first to react. She rushed at An Xiaxia while cursing, “How dare you make phone calls?!”

She raised an arm and smashed her hand down at An Xiaxia. An Xiaxia dodged in time to avoid the slap, but Jian Xin’er’s sharp fingernails scratched her cheek. There was a searing pain.

“Go now! It’ll be too late when they get here!” Rong Che growled. However, Jian Xin’er looked like she had lost her mind. She grabbed An Xiaxia by her hair and tried to push her into the fishtank again.

An Xiaxia knew she was really going to drown her this time…

She fought with all the strength she had. Rong Che watched this with an impassive face. He then decided to abandon Jian Xin’er and quickly walked toward the exit.

There was a loud bang —

The door was kicked open and a team of bodyguards clad in black filed in!

The teenager leading them had an expressionless face. He stood ramrod straight, and the air he emanated felt like a bone-chilling wind which could send fear deep into one’s bone marrow.

After taking in the room, he clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked.

Jian Xin’er let go of An Xiaxia as she stared at the person in horror.

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes. Sheng Yize slowly walked to her side and crouched down, touching the red mark on her cheek.

It was that scratch made by Jian Xin’er. By now, a little blood had oozed out.

“Does it hurt?” The teenager’s voice was as light as a feather.

Tears ran down An Xiaxia’s cheeks. She nodded before she shook her head affirmatively.

Seeing how much Sheng Yize cared about An Xiaxia, Jian Xin’er completely lost it!

She was the closest to An Xiaxia. She was probably running high on adrenaline, but she somehow managed to knock Sheng Yize over, pick up a dagger, and stab An Xiaxia…

Squelch —

The blade pierced An Xiaxia’s belly… Blood gushed out right away.

Sheng Yize moved at lightning speed. He got to Jian Xin’er almost immediately and kicked her away.

Jian Xin’er spat out a mouthful of blood and lay half dead on the ground.

“Xiaxia… Don’t be afraid. We’ll get you to a hospital…” Sheng Yize’s voice shook as he lost his composure. An Xiaxia smiled weakly at him, then the look on her face changed. “Watch out…”

Realizing that he wasn’t getting out of this, Rong Che had picked up the dagger Jian Xin’er had dropped and jumped at Sheng Yize.

He was indeed no match for Sheng Yize in a fight. However, Rong Che gave him a strange smile, then turned the blade on An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize’s face went pale. Rong Che was too close to them to be stopped. In order to keep An Xiaxia from any more injuries, he wrapped his fingers around the blade to stop it!

His blood dripped all over the ground. Rong Che used all his strength, but still couldn’t bring the dagger down any further.

The bodyguards reached them then and pinned Rong Che down.

An Xiaxia held onto her stomach. Her vision was getting darker and she thought she felt a pair of warm hands cover her eyes. Then there was a scream…

Had someone died? Her head was too foggy to figure it out. The pain spread out and she slipped into darkness…

After seeing that An Xiaxia was sent to a hospital, the dark-faced Sheng Yize lifted Jian Xin’er off the ground and stuffed her head into a fishtank!

30 seconds, a minute, two minutes…

Jian Xin’er opened her eyes wide in the tank and gulped down the water. She thought she was going to die…

She was then yanked out of the water and thrown on the ground like a rag. Before she could catch her breath, a cold voice that reminded her of hell rang out above her head. “You wanted these men to have their way with An Xiaxia, didn’t you?”