Chapter 41: An Xiaxia, You Idiot! (1)

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“Don’t tell me he finally realized how smart and cute and witty and pretty I am?” An Xiaxia started to foolishly laugh from her own narcissism. Su Xiaomo retreated several steps, took a spray bottle out of nowhere, and sprayed it directly at An Xiaxia. “Don’t laugh or you’ll infect me again with your germs!”

An Xiaxia’s expression was full of grievances as Su Xiaomo left.

She took out a piece of tissue and blew her nose. Because of her anger, the sound she made was especially loud.

A gaze filled with disdain was directed at An Xiaxia. She noticed this and looked up, only to meet Sheng Yize’s insanely handsome face.

She paused a little, and in a crestfallen manner, she threw her tissue into the garbage can before sitting upright in her seat like a lady.

Sheng Yize took out a pen and wrote in his book while An Xiaxia’s thoughts wandered back to what Su Xiaomo had just said…

Come to think of it, Sheng Yize really seemed to care about her a lot. Last time when Jian Xin’er and the other girls were bullying her, he had appeared to save her. This time, he was also very active…

On a whim, An Xiaxia decided to test Sheng Yize.

She used her pen to poke Sheng Yize’s arm and he looked at her in confusion. She dramatically brushed her hand through her hair and gently asked, “Am I pretty?”

If he liked her, he would compliment her, right?

Hmph! Even though I’m your anti-fan, it wouldn’t be that bad if you like me! An Xiaxia let her imagination run wild as she blinked repeatedly while she put on a passionate expression.

Sheng Yize looked at her and was quiet for a moment before he reached for her face…

An Xiaxia’s heart was beating fast and only sped up. Just when she thought Sheng Yize was going to act like in the romantic dramas and caress her hair while saying, “Baby, you’re really pretty,” he peeled away a piece of tissue which had been stuck to her nose and teased, “I suggest you wipe away your snot first before asking this question, Miss An.”

An Xiaxia mourned and felt that she was going to die from the embarrassment. She quickly took out another tissue and began wiping.

How embarrassing… How could she possibly have such idiotic thoughts? An Xiaxia hit herself on the head.

Sheng Yize observed her actions in amusement, then threw a notebook at her and ordered, “Next class, take notes for me.”

“Why?” An Xiaxia pursed her lips, indicating her unwillingness.

“Because,” he drew out the word before continuing, “You’re my little assistant! Have you ever seen any celebrity do anything personally?”

An Xiaxia was filled with discontentment as she said, “Then I’ll have to eat in your place as well as go to the bathroom in your place…”

Sheng Yize smirked; his smile was gentle and easy on the eyes as he slowly crept closer to An Xiaxia’s small face. He switched to a low whisper. “An Xiaxia, do you want to violate the contract? Good, I’ll grant you your wish. Here, I’ll send you my account number and you can transfer the money to me.”

He took out his cell and An Xiaxia immediately grabbed his arm. She said with an ingratiating smile, “Boss Yize, I’m sorry. My attitude wasn’t right! I’ll do it. I’ll take the notes for you!”

Sheng Yize nodded with satisfaction. “That’s right. Watch your attitude from now on, otherwise, we can always tear up our agreement~”

An Xiaxia was extremely resentful. However, she was defeated when it came to money and thus, she could only yield obediently.

The sun in the afternoon was warm and the sound of the teacher’s lecture filled the classroom. The teenage girl beside him was filling his notebook with round handwriting and everything was perfect.

However, when Sheng Yize took back the notebook and flipped through it, his expression darkened.

“An Xiaxia, you idiot! How can you make so many mistakes!”