Chapter 410: Life and Death (9)

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Jian Xin’er coughed violently, her face ghastly pale.

Without giving her any opportunity to explain herself, Sheng Yize shot a glance at those men, who had all been subdued by the bodyguards.

All were dressed in flashy clothes and had colorful hair. They were doubtlessly gangsters of the lowest level.

“So, you’re all here to have a taste of women?” Sheng Yize said in an indifferent voice. “How about this one?”

He then kicked Jian Xin’er in their direction. Those men stood there gazing at one another first, then gritted their teeth and began to undress.

“What are you doing… No, don’t…” Jian Xin’er screamed. She was soon stripped naked and those men each took their turn…

She had finally paid for her evil deeds.

Sheng Yize left with a grim face. He would probably have lived with it if he had been the one targeted. However, he wouldn’t forgive anyone that tried to hurt An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia had received treatment in time, but she had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion.

Unfortunately, she was a B Rh negative, and none of the blood banks in Yu City carried that blood type!

Sheng Yize dialed a number to have someone airlift the blood in. His gloomy and stern face reminded one of a fiend out of hell and no one dared approach him.

“Young Master Sheng…” A nurse gingerly came up to him. “We need to do something about your hand…”

His badly mutilated hand was wrapped carelessly in a piece of cloth. Blood was seeping through.

The cut was very deep. However, it seemed like the hand was no longer his and he couldn’t feel any pain at all.

He pursed his lips and sat down in a chair, letting the nurse treat his wound.

All of a sudden, he blurted out, “If she dies, you’re all going to hell.”

His voice was calm and indifferent, as if he was only making small talk. The words, however, chilled one to the bone!

All the hospital staff broke into cold sweats and the nurse tending his wound almost collapsed on the ground.

Was that girl that important to Young Master Sheng?

“Move! How’s my sister now? What? You don’t have the blood here?! I have the same blood type. Take mine!” A cold and harsh voice rang out just then and Sheng Yize looked up. An Yibei had just rushed in with his shirt unbuttoned and his hair unkempt.

The nurse was displeased. “Sir, are you trying to get someone killed? Immediate family members cannot give blood to one another!”

Somehow, those words stung An Yibei. He turned around, went up to Sheng Yize, and punched him hard in the face!

“It’s all your fault! Xiaxia would never have been kidnapped if it wasn’t for you! This would never have happened to her!” An Yibei growled and grabbed Sheng Yize by his collar.

“It was my fault.” Sheng Yize calmly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. “If she dies, I’ll pay you back with my own life.”

“F**k you! I don’t want your life!” After shouting at Sheng Yize, An Yibei bellowed at the nurse. “What’re you standing around for? Go draw my blood!”

He was in fact deeply shaken.

This teenager was talking about giving up his own life…

He was out of his mind.

After his blood was drawn, An Yibei went back to the corridor and sat down beside Sheng Yize. He then said in a self-mocking tone, “You knew already, didn’t you? Well… how could you not know? You knew everything about her even before you moved in, right?”

Sheng Yize chuckled, but the rims of his eyes were red.

“She’s not going to die. The wound is not that deep and she hasn’t lost that much blood. We have the most advanced medical treatment here. She will survive this.”

Sheng Yize was frighteningly calm.

So calm that it was painful to watch him.