Chapter 411: Life and Death (10)

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An Yibei was silent for quite a while before he said, “I know you’re a good kid. Promise me, don’t let anything happen to her again. She’s the only sister I have… Every time I’ve seen her cry over you and get hurt because of you, I’ve wanted to kill you. But you just happen to be the person she likes the most…”

It was such a terrible feeling.

Sheng Yize clenched his fists. Blue veins popped up on the back of his hands and his knuckles turned white.

Someone then arrived while bellowing, “Out of my way! I’m here with a walking blood bank! There! Take as much blood as you need!”

They followed the sound and saw that Qi Yanxi was the one making all the noise. Beside him was a teenager about 186cm tall who looked much more mature and steady. He wore a coat over a simple shirt and had a handsome face and clear eyes. It was just that the corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily at Qi Yanxi’s words.

“The patient has had her blood transfusion. Can this gentleman come with me, please? We’ll take 400CC from you as backup, just to be safe.” The nurse gestured at him politely.

The 186cm teenager nodded and said mildly, “Of course.”

Qi Yanxi said grumpily, “Draw as much as Little Dummy Xia needs! Don’t mind him!”

The nurse was embarrassed by that and felt sorry for the tall boy. She stole a glance at him and saw that the look on his face hadn’t changed at all. It was as if he had always been treated this way and was used to it.

Qi Yanxi strode toward them and asked, “How is Little Dummy Xia doing?”

Both Sheng Yize and An Yibei gave him cold glances without saying anything.

Qi Yanxi was all the more vexed and felt on edge. He bellowed, “Talk to me! You two numbskulls!”

“Shut up. Don’t you know you should keep quiet in a hospital?” An Yibei glared at him. “Sit your ass down! She’s still in the operating room!”

Qi Yanxi behaved himself at those words and sat down obediently on the bench.

An Xiaxia’s family had been informed of her accident. Hearing that there was a shortage of blood, An Yibei had rushed here to offer his, while Qi Yanxi had brought his stepmother’s son.

Almost twenty minutes passed before that tall teenager walked out, looking slightly paler. Seeing the three sitting in a row on the bench, he frowned and went to the cafe next to the hospital, where he bought three cups of hot coffee.

He remembered to put two more portions of cream in Qi Yanxi’s coffee.

Despite how much he cared for Qi Yanxi, the latter only rolled his eyes and said, “It tastes like shit.”

The boy said goodnaturedly, “I’ll get you something else next time.”


They sat there awkwardly like so until the light over the operating room turned off. They rushed to the physician-in-charge together.

The doctor looked exhausted. “She made it. But you can’t visit her just yet. We’ll have to watch her for the night.”

The doctor left after that. Since Sheng Yize and An Yibei showed no intention of leaving, Qi Yanxi wouldn’t leave, either. Moreover, he even forced the other boy to stay behind as well.

The nurse showed up. “Young Master Sheng, your wound still needs a further look.”

Sheng Yize nodded.

The doctor examined his wound and didn’t say anything. However, he called Sheng Qingyi when he was alone.

The next day.

Outside the ICU, some bodyguards pushed the medical staff out of the way and a stately middle-aged man showed up. He pushed the door open and walked in. An Xiaxia had just woken up and her head was still muddled.

She was the only patient in the room. An Xiaxia forced herself to sit up and greeted him weakly. “Hello, Uncle Sheng.”

Sheng Qingyi sneered, went up to her, and slapped her hard. “How dare you still call me ‘uncle’?”