Chapter 412: You And Xiaxia Are Over (1)

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An Xiaxia had been severely injured in the first place and with the anesthetic wearing off, the cut on her stomach was piercingly painful. She was too weak to dodge.

Sheng Qingyi had used all his strength in that slap.

An Xiaxia fell down on the bed and bit her lip in agony.

Her ears were buzzing, her head was dizzy, and together with the wound on her stomach, she was immediately covered in cold sweat.

Sheng Qingyi pointed at her and rebuked her bitterly. “You should just roll over and die! Why did you have to take my son down with you? Sheng Yize’s hand is wasted! Do you know that? He’s crippled! His hand is destroyed because he tried to save you!”

An Xiaxia was only half aware of what he was saying, but she knew it was about Sheng Yize. Her tears began to roll down her cheeks despite herself.

What on earth happened…

Sheng Qingyi was bristling and he was so mad that he wanted to kill An Xiaxia. He began to smash everything in the ward: the IV, the vase, the cups…

An Xiaxia cowered in bed helplessly and didn’t know what to do.

There was a noisy hubbub outside the door and two figures rushed in!

“F**k! What are you doing?!” Qi Yanxi couldn’t care less if Sheng Qingyi was a senior. One look at the messy room and the wound on An Xiaxia’s face and he knew that the man had hit An Xiaxia!

He punched Sheng Qingyi right in his face. “You bastard! You’re an animal! How can you do such a thing to a patient?! A man your age hitting a girl, really?!”

Sheng Qingyi was hysterical. “She’s ruined Sheng Yize! My son! She can rot in hell!”

An Yibei supported An Xiaxia, then helped her lie down. He then pressed the button to summon the doctor and security. He looked coldly at Sheng Qingyi. “Mr. Sheng, there are security cameras here in the ICU. You have just violently assaulted a minor. We’ll see you in court after the test results come back!”

He tried to keep his voice steady and calm, but his hands were already shaking.

Damn it! How dare he hit his little sister!

Growing up, he and Papa An couldn’t even bring themselves to scold An Xiaxia, let alone lay a finger on her. And look what this old man had done to her!

“You brat! What have you done?!” There was another bellow when an old man walked in supported with a stick. There was a granny beside him.

“Dad, mum, what are you doing here?” Sheng Qingyi sounded annoyed and full of hatred. Grandpa Sheng smashed his walking stick down on Sheng Qingyi and beat him mercilessly. “Do you remember anything I’ve taught you? Did I raise you to be an animal? You blame everything on a little girl and beat her up, too?”

Grandma Sheng burst into tears as soon as she laid her eyes on An Xiaxia. She hurried over and held An Xiaxia’s hands. “Little Xiaxia, are you alright… Oh god, why did this happen to you?! Doctor? Where’s the doctor?”

An Xiaxia grabbed her by her sleeve and her tears fell uncontrollably. Before long, the back of the old woman’s hands were covered in her tears.

“Grandma Sheng, where is Sheng Yize… Please take me to him…”

“Sure! Sure!” Grandma Sheng replied between broken sobs.

Sheng Yize’s ward.

The warm sunlight poured in through the window and the handsome teenager seemed to be sound asleep in bed. The light cast pretty shadows on his face.

An Xiaxia lifted up his duvet.

His hand was wrapped in layers of white gauze and a little blood had seeped through.

An Xiaxia burst into tears instantly.

His hand wouldn’t have been hurt if it hadn’t been for her…

Had Sheng Qingyi told the truth? Would it be better for everyone if she died?