Chapter 413: You And Xiaxia Are Over (2)

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Her quiet sobs grew louder until she began to howl.

Grandma Sheng kept trying to console her. “Xiaxia, don’t blame yourself. It really isn’t your fault… Don’t cry…”

Her crying seemed to wake Sheng Yize up, and he slowly opened his eyes. Seeing how sad An Xiaxia was, he asked in a raspy voice, “Why are you crying?”

He tried to wipe An Xiaxia’s tears, but his hand was too rigid to move.

That only made An Xiaxia cry harder.

Sheng Yize was dazed for a moment. Last night, the director of the hospital had summoned the best surgeons to operate on him. He had been sleeping under the effect of the anesthetic since then.

He could roughly guess why An Xiaxia was crying like this and struggled to stroke her little head with his left hand. “Don’t cry. It’s not that bad. We’re both alive and well. That’s the most important thing.”

The most important thing.

“Sheng Yize, it’s all my fault…” An Xiaxia was crying so hard that she could barely breathe. “The doctor said you can’t play the piano anymore…”

“Can I do anything else, then?” Sheng Yize asked quietly.

“You’re fine as long as it doesn’t involve complicated movements…” Grandma Sheng explained and patted An Xiaxia on her back.

She could tell how much An Xiaxia blamed herself.

What a pair of silly kids.

One had fought to save the other, even if it meant his hand was going to be ruined, while the other would rather get hurt herself than see him get injured.

Sheng Yize looked as if he couldn’t care less and chuckled. “Hear that? Don’t cry. I can still hug you, hold your hand, and throw a punch for you. I can’t play the piano, that’s all.”

An Xiaxia bit her lip hard. Despite his careless tone, how could he not care after practicing the piano for so many years? How could he not be upset?

He was only saying this so that she would stop worrying.

“But… isn’t playing the piano your dream? Or you wouldn’t have gotten into showbiz and written all those songs…” An Xiaxia murmured.

How could one achieve all those things if they didn’t have a passion for it?

The look on Sheng Yize’s face was very gentle and he was even smiling a little. “It used to be, but not anymore.”

Dummy, my dream now is you.

An Xiaxia listened to this in a daze. Sheng Yize wiped her tears and his voice turned stern. “What happened to your face?”

An Xiaxia looked away. She didn’t know what to say.

Just then, Sheng Qingyi rushed into the room. Seeing that Sheng Yize had woken up, he began to shoot out orders. “We can’t let the media know about this! Don’t attend any public events for now! No one can know about your hand! And, you two are breaking up this instant! Don’t think I can’t do anything to you just because your grandparents back you up!”

Grandma Sheng shook with anger. “You bastard… They’re my grandson and granddaughter-in-law! You’re in no position to order them around!”

Sheng Qingyi’s suit was creased in a few places, which was a result of Grandpa Sheng’s beating.

He fought back his anger and said, “Their childish love is useless! How can it compare with our stock price or his own future? She’s just a jinx! You two are the only ones who care about her at all! Mum, if you keep saying such foolish things, I’ll have to send you and dad abroad!”

He had had enough of the elderly couple. Since he didn’t have the balls to do anything immoral, his only option was to send them away!

“How dare you!” Grandpa Sheng caught up with him at that moment and almost had a stroke at those words. “Your mother and I are not dead yet! And we haven’t transferred our shares to you! You’re only operating the Sheng group! You don’t own it!”

At those words, Sheng Qingyi’s face turned even darker.