Chapter 414: You And Xiaxia Are Over (3)

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“I’m doing this for the Sheng family. All I’ve ever thought about is the wellbeing of Shengshi since I became the CEO… Heh, this is what I get for it in the end?” Sheng Qingyi laughed sarcastically.

Grandpa Sheng stomped his walking stick on the floor. “You’re a human being first, then a businessman! What good will any of that do you if you can’t even be a proper father? Is money the only thing that’ll make you happy?”

This son of his was so cold-blooded. He had deceived and blackmailed his way through his career and had grown into a sinister man. He had almost torn this family apart. This wasn’t what Grandpa Sheng had had in mind when he had let Sheng Qingyi run the company.

Sheng Yize asked coldly, “Did you do this to Xiaxia?”

“So what if I did?” Sheng Qingyi stared back, his posture as stately as ever.

The room felt like a smoky battlefield and it seemed a deadly conflict could break out at any moment.

“He didn’t…” A soft voice rang out at that moment, easing the awkwardness.

Sheng Qingyi gave An Xiaxia a strange look, snorted, and promptly left!

Sheng Yize lowered his voice. “It really wasn’t him?”

An Xiaxia shook her head, wringing the lower hem of her clothes uneasily.

However wronged she felt, she didn’t want to escalate the situation and turn Sheng Yize against his own father.

Sheng Yize darted her an unconvinced look and Grandma Sheng, who had been standing to one side, began to wipe her eyes again.

“Grandma Sheng, why are you crying again?” An Xiaxia was concerned.

Grandpa Sheng silently handed his wife a handkerchief. Grandma Sheng took it and dabbed at her eyes. “It’s nothing. Old people get sore eyes all the time and the wind makes our eyes teary… Well, you two should get some rest now. We’ll come again in a couple of days.”

After saying goodbye to them, the elderly couple left, holding each other by the arm.

An Xiaxia knew perfectly well that Grandma and Grandpa Sheng were genuinely fond of her, which was why they had been standing up for her and Sheng Yize all this time.

Sheng Yize then summoned the nurse and gave her some instructions. An Xiaxia was still lost in thought when Sheng Yize flicked her forehead.

“Hm… what?” An Xiaxia asked with a blank face.

“Dummy…” Sheng Yize pursed his lips in disdain. “I hope you staying in the same ward as me won’t bring my IQ down.”

She was still digesting that information with surprise when the nurse finished tidying up an empty bed and helped her on it.

The positions of the two beds had been adjusted. They were now only 20cm away from each other. Sheng Yize could even hold her hand with his uninjured one in his sleep.

It was such a heartwarming gesture. However, as soon as her gaze landed on his injured hand, An Xiaxia was upset again.

Footsteps came from outside and with a creak, the door was pushed open.

A bright and pretty girl walked in and a painful look flickered in her eyes when she saw them holding hands.

“Xiaxia, Brother Ah Ze, I’m here to see how you’re doing.” Song Qingchen put a bunch of lilies into a vase with graceful movements.

Sheng Yize nodded to her as a greeting.

Song Qingchen had been overwhelmed by guilt when she heard about his hand. “Medical treatment nowadays is so advanced that I’m sure they’ll fix your hand. If the local hospitals can’t do it, we can always try the ones abroad.”

That hand was all because of her…

Song Qingchen clenched her fists at that thought.

“Thank you,” Sheng Yize replied politely.

Song Qingchen forced a smile, then asked, “Xiaxia, how are you doing?”

Her voice shook so much that An Xiaxia gave her a confused look before answering quietly, “Thank you for asking. I’m doing alright.”

Song Qingchen had very mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, she was thankful that An Xiaxia had survived — after all, she herself had been the one Li Fanxing had targeted…

On the other hand, she was overwhelmed by resentment, for if An Xiaxia had really died… wouldn’t that mean that Sheng Yize would be hers?