Chapter 415: You And Xiaxia Are Over (4)

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“When are you leaving to go abroad?” Sheng Yize turned to Song Qingchen and asked.

Song Qingchen knew that he had sorted everything out for her. The card he had given her was a supreme VIP card that was recognized all over the world. He had gotten people to arrange everything for her down to the smallest detail.

He was really trying to make it up to her given that she was his childhood sweetheart, but he had never given her any hope of getting closer.

The more he did for her like this, the harder it was for her to give up, and the more it pained her.

Song Qingchen lowered her head. Li Fanxing had become her enemy now, and her only option was to leave the country.

“This weekend, probably…” she murmured. Sheng Yize nodded and said, “I’ll get someone to see you off.”

Song Qingchen smiled bitterly as a tumult of emotions washed over her. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

She rose to her feet and found an excuse to leave. Outside, a small army of bodyguards were waiting for her.

She had begged Mr. Song for these men, fearing that Li Fanxing might come after her again and repeat what she had done to An Xiaxia with her.

Inside the ward.

Sheng Yize gave An Xiaxia’s hand a little squeeze. “Jealous?”

An Xiaxia snorted. “Why should I be… I’m much more magnanimous than you think!”

“Then why are you pouting, Miss Magnanimity?” Sheng Yize chuckled. “There, don’t let her bother you. In times like this, you really should play dumb and think about something else.”

An Xiaxia was disgruntled. “Hmph!”

She brushed Sheng Yize’s hand off, snuggled under her duvet, and went back to sleep.

Her head was still dizzy from Sheng Qingyi’s slap.

Sheng Yize sighed as he gazed at the little bundle under the duvet. Although he called her “dummy” all this time, he knew better than anyone else that the girl wasn’t dumb at all.

For instance, she never asked what had become of Rong Che and Jian Xin’er, nor did he want her to know about those dark corners of the world.

I wish more than anything else that you can stay this innocent. That way, you’ll always be free of worries.

A week flew by. An Xiaxia’s condition had improved significantly and Sheng Yize was almost recovered.

That weekend, Sheng Yize received a phone call from Mr. Song, who invited him to have dinner at the Song family home to bid Song Qingchen farewell.

Mr. Song asked him to bring An Xiaxia along at first, and was shocked when he was told about An Xiaxia’s injury. He then urged Sheng Yize repeatedly to take care of her and let her have a good rest. He even had someone send some tonic to the hospital.

Sheng Yize arranged for a team of bodyguards both inside and outside the hospital to keep An Xiaxia safe. Only then did he leave for the Song family home.

The three chatted happily at the dinner table. Mr. Song apparently liked Sheng Yize very much and even asked the servant to bring up some wine that he had kept for years.

Song Qingchen smiled. “I’ll go get it. Daddy, Brother Ah Ze, you two enjoy your chat.”

“All right.” Mr. Song smiled gently.

Before long, Song Qingchen came back with the wine. The bottle was open and the room was filled with its rich aroma.

Sheng Yize had a couple of glasses with Mr. Song before the latter became drunk. He along with a servant brought Mr. Song back to his room.

After putting Mr. Song in bed, the servant went to get some hangover soup. Sheng Yize rose to his feet and realized he was getting tipsy as well.

That twenty-year-old wine was indeed very potent.

Dizziness swept over him and he put a hand on the wall to steady himself.

That random touch happened to trigger some mechanism in the wall!

There was a gliding sound, then the landscape painting which faced Mr. Song’s bed turned around, revealing an oil painting!

It was a portrait of a young woman with delicate features and a sweet smile. She was stunningly beautiful!

The look on Sheng Yize’s face changed instantly.

He wouldn’t have given it a second thought if it had just been some random beauty. But that woman in the painting looked almost identical to An Xiaxia!