Chapter 416: You And Xiaxia Are Over (5)

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No, they weren’t identical.

An Xiaxia’s face still had a childish look to it. Her facial features still had room to mature and she looked adorable in an adolescent way.

However, the woman in this painting was almost too beautiful to be desired and her face had a mesmerizing charm to it.

“Brother Ah Ze, here’s the hangover cure…” Song Qingchen entered the room briskly. However, as soon as she saw the painting, she dropped the tray in her hands and it crashed to the floor, the liquid splashing everywhere.

Her face turned as pale as a piece of paper.

She had never expected to see “her” portrait in Mr. Song’s room…

Sheng Yize fixed his intense gaze on the painting and slowly walked toward it.

There was a line of small text on the bottom of the painting.

It read “To: My friend Song Huan’s wife,” followed by a date.

Song Huan was Mr. Song’s name.

Sheng Yize’s finger shook and he looked shocked.

Could it be that Xiaxia was Mr. Song’s daughter…

It was common knowledge that Mr. Song only had one daughter. Because she was born early in the morning, he had named her “Qingchen,” which sounded the same as “dawn” in Chinese and also referred to the expression of “subduing a city with her beauty.” The girl went missing when she was little.

In that case, who was this Song Qingchen in front of him?

Behind him, Song Qingchen began to chuckle woefully, and almost sounded like she was wailing.

Sheng Yize turned around with a stern face and asked in a cold voice, “Songsong, who are you?

“No, you’re not Songsong. Who on earth are you?”

Song Qingchen backed off timidly as Sheng Yize pressed forward. She was soon cornered.

Tears welled up in Song Qingchen’s eyes as she reached out with her fair hand and caressed Sheng Yize’s cheek.

“Why did you have to find out… If only I could have kept it from you… I was leaving. Brother Ah Ze, can you forget what you saw? Let’s pretend none of this happened, shall we?”

Sheng Yize grabbed her wrist and growled in a frightening voice, “Who on earth are you?!”

“Heh…” Song Qingchen smiled as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve given me no choice.”

Sheng Yize frowned. A fit of dizziness suddenly swept over him and he swayed. His pupils then dilated and he fell backwards, collapsing on the floor.

Song Qingchen wiped her tears away with her sleeves and summoned the servants to carry Sheng Yize to a room, saying that he was drunk. She then instructed them, “Daddy said you’ve all been working very hard lately and you all deserve a week-long vacation. Go pack your bags. You can all leave now.”

The servants were elated by this arrangement and they all hurried off.

Song Qingchen went back inside and stared at Sheng Yize’s sleeping face. She was infatuated.

She then found a bottle in her bag, took out a white pill, and fed it to Sheng Yize after some hesitation. After that, she dialed Li Fanxing’s number.

Li Fanxing’s teasing voice came from the other end. “Why, not running anymore, are we?”

Song Qingchen gritted her teeth. “Li Fanxing, do you have to go to such extremes?”

“We were in it together at the beginning and I was the one who talked Mr. Song into putting up this show. Now you can’t bear to play anymore, and somehow it’s my fault?” Li Fanxing sounded very aggressive. All of a sudden, Song Qingchen burst out crying on the other end.

She sounded so heartbroken that it even made Li Fanxing frown.

“Why are you crying?”

Between her broken sobs, Song Qingchen told her what had happened today. Li Fanxing’s face went pale. “What did you say? Mr. Song’s wife looks exactly the same as An Xiaxia? And you’ve drugged Sheng Yize?”

“Yes, I’ve used nothing but the drugs you gave me,” answered Song Qingchen. The first type of drug she had used was that white pill, which she had slipped into the wine. It would knock one out temporarily and the symptoms appeared exactly like being drunk.