Chapter 417: You And Xiaxia Are Over (6)

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The second type of drug was in a powder form, which she had hidden under her fingernails. Together with the first drug, it would immediately knock a person out and induce hallucinations.

She hadn’t planned to use it on Sheng Yize in this way at first. She had only planned to give Sheng Yize a kiss after he passed out, so as to give herself closure after all this time…

After that, she would move on and never see him again.

However… Sheng Yize just happened to discover that painting…

She couldn’t imagine what Sheng Yize would do to her if he found out that she was an imposter!

Cornered, she could only pretend to reach for his face so that Sheng Yize could breathe in the powder…

Li Fanxing gloated on the other end. “That was very unfortunate, but you deserve it!”

“Li Fanxing, I came back under this false identity to help you! Do you think you can get out of this unscratched if I’m exposed? Don’t for a minute think you can hide things from me! Those accidents which happened to An Xiaxia’s family were all your doing! Push me too far and I’ll tell! We’ll go down together!” Song Qingchen threatened in a cold voice.

Li Fanxing’s laughter was mesmerizing. “The most pressing matter now is to provoke An Xiaxia… And, there’s that powder I gave you. It not only induces hallucinations, but at a higher dosage will mess up a person’s memory and give them temporary amnesia. Use it on Sheng Yize and he’ll forget everything that happened today… Do I need to tell you what you should do now?”

Song Qingchen made up her mind and hung up.

She dumped the rest of the powder in a glass of water, stirred it, and poured it down Sheng Yize’s throat. She then looked in the direction of the bathroom. In her eyes was the resolution of someone that had burnt her bridges!

Song Qingchen took a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel.

She then undressed Sheng Yize, snuggled up in his arms, and took a very suggestive photo.

The photo only showed the smooth lines of Sheng Yize’s profile and his chest. The girl looked shyly at the camera, revealing half her breasts, with Sheng Yize’s hand on it. It would sure give the viewer a lot of ideas…

The hospital.

An Yibei helped An Xiaxia walk around the ward.

According to the doctor, some exercise would help with healing the wound.

The cell phone on the bed buzzed. An Xiaxia picked it up and felt all her blood rush to her head!

Anger, astonishment, doubt… a maelstrom of emotions swept over her and even her breathing became quick and shallow.

An Yibei adjusted his glass and asked in a stern voice, “What’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia put the phone away and pretended that nothing had happened. “Nothing… Brother, I’m a little tired and I want to take a break.”

An Yibei carried her to the bed and tucked her in.

“Get some sleep. I’ll go back home to fetch you some soup dad made for you.”


A moment later, there came the sound of the door being pulled open and An Yibei’s footsteps disappeared into the distance.

An Xiaxia took her phone back out and examined it again with her eyes wide open.

That was right. The two people in the picture were none other than Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen… She was sure of it!

No… It must have been photoshop and Song Qingchen had sent it just to disgust her!

Trying to calm down by telling herself that, An Xiaxia dialed Sheng Yize’s number with shaky fingers.

The phone rang twice before the call went through and Song Qingchen’s mellow voice came from the other end. “Hello? Xiaxia, do you want to talk to Brother Ah Ze?”

“Why do you have his phone…” An Xiaxia asked incredulously.

“Heh… He’s with me and of course I have his phone.”

“No! You’re lying!” An Xiaxia raised her voice suddenly. “You’re only trying to trick me! Sheng Yize left his phone behind, didn’t he? Song Qingchen, I’m not going to believe you!”