Chapter 418: You And Xiaxia Are Over (7)

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Song Qingchen chuckled and switched to video call.

It was indeed Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen on camera… Sheng Yize was fast asleep with his eyes closed.

“He’s exhausted and fell asleep…” Song Qingchen smiled sweetly. “We didn’t use any protection. An Xiaxia, leave him. It’ll get very awkward for Brother Ah Ze when I’m with child.”

She made that shameless speech in such a matter-of-fact tone.

It almost sounded as if An Xiaxia was the third woman and she the real girlfriend!

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An Xiaxia hung up and had gone completely pale.

She held onto her phone as tears rolled down her cheeks.

No, with technology nowadays, even videos could be manipulated!

How could Sheng Yize and her…

All his promises were still fresh in her memory.

How could he tell her all those affectionate words one moment but run into Song Qingchen’s arms the next?

An Xiaxia looked up at the ceiling and fought back her tears.

She couldn’t cry!

Crying wouldn’t solve any problems!

With all the strength she could summon, she tried to figure out what to do.

Sheng Yize drifted in and out of consciousness and he seemed to hear a voice at his ear.

“Brother Ah Ze! It’s me. Wake up…” The voice reminded him of the drug, which prompted him to open his eyes.

His vision was blurry and he couldn’t make out anything clearly. Grotesque images seemed to flit past his eyes and he was seeing fantastical things.

“Who are you…” He frowned. While his eyes weren’t working properly, his other senses were still acute.

He could feel that someone was in his arms.

Song Qingchen leaned in and whispered, “I’m… Xiaxia.”

Song Qingchen thought herself ridiculous after saying that.

She had stolen An Xiaxia’s real identity to begin with. Never did she expect she would have to pretend to be An Xiaxia herself now.

“Xiaxia…?” Sheng Yize’s voice softened and there was now affection in it.

Song Qingchen caressed his handsome face and said in a mesmerizing tone. “That’s right. It’s Xiaxia, Brother Ah Ze.”

Sheng Yize’s head was muddled. WIth what was left of his senses, he said nonchalantly, “Get off me and knock it off.”

Song Qingchen bit her lip and sounded aggrieved. “No… Brother Ah Ze, I want to be with you… Marry me and let me give you a baby, alright?”

Sheng Yize frowned and pushed her away with his uninjured hand.

“Xiaxia…” Sheng Yize sighed with resignation. “Stop this farce. What baby… let me get up!”

Song Qingchen recalled the effects Li Fanxing had talked about and was overwhelmed by sorrow.

Even when he was only half conscious, he still didn’t want to hurt An Xiaxia…

How important was An Xiaxia to him exactly?

“Don’t worry. It’s just this once and no one will find out… Let’s be quiet…” Song Qingchen said went with a hopeful look on her face as she went ahead regardless of anything else.

Sheng Yize paused, as if he had sensed something wasn’t right.

He suddenly bit down on his lip until blood oozed out!

Song Qingchen was dumbfounded. Then, the confusion in Sheng Yize’s brooding eyes receded, replaced by his usual cold gaze. He fiercely squeezed out two words from between his teeth. “Get out!”

Song Qingchen was petrified.

There was suddenly a loud bang on the door.

Someone was banging at the door outside, which made her look up in a flurry.

Hadn’t she sent all the servants away?

The solid rosewood door burst open and Qi Yanxi was the first to rush in. He was shocked by what he found inside. “Shit… Sheng Yize, you bastard! How could you do this to Xiaxia?”