Chapter 419: You And Xiaxia Are Over (8)

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She had been found out!

Song Qingchen darted her eyes this way and that, then let out a shriek. She grabbed the duvet, wrapped it around her, and began to sob quietly, creating the perfect image of a chaste girl that had been defiled.

There was another person outside, who walked in just then with steady steps. His eyes were cold as ice when he saw the preposterous scene in the room.

Pushing his glasses up with an index finger, An Yibei scoffed. “Sheng Yize, how are you going to explain this? I’m all ears!”

Anyone who saw what they were seeing would realize what Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen had been doing.

Sheng Yize frowned and tried to explain. However, he drew a blank and there was only the exhaustion of a hangover.

Shit! He had blacked out! All he could remember was that he had had quite a few glasses of wine with Mr. Song. After that, he couldn’t recall anything!

Qi Yanxi rushed to Sheng Yize with bloodshot eyes and punched him.

Song Qingchen looked frightened and said timidly, “Don’t hit me… Hit me, if you have to. It’s all my fault… But Brother Ah Ze was drunk and he dragged me here, I… sob …”

Only speaking half of it made the whole thing even more suggestive. One couldn’t help but begin to imagine that Sheng Yize had had his way with his childhood sweetheart under the influence of alcohol…

Qi Yanxi was infuriated and cursed, “Damn it! Shut up! One more word and I’ll rip your tongue out!”

Song Qingchen knew better than to defy him. She went back to sobbing.

An Yibei watched this at the door as an indifferent smile crept onto his face.

All the better. He now knew what kind of person Sheng Yize really was!

“I don’t care if it was a consensual or ‘hard to get’ thing. Live happily ever after and don’t go around ruining other people’s lives when you two break up!” An Yibei said harshly. Sheng Yize then said with a scowl, “Brother An…”

“Don’t call me that! I hereby announce that you and Xiaxia are over! From now on, you’re nothing to her!” An Yibei stormed off after those words.

Qi Yanxi gave them the finger and left as well.

Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen were the only people in the room now.

No one spoke.

Song Qingchen sat obediently on the bed, wiping at her tears every now and then. She asked quietly, “Brother Ah Ze, will you take care of me from now on?”

Sheng Yize put his clothes back on and rose to his feet. The smile on his face was very sarcastic. “I think you know better than I what we have or have not done!”

Even if he couldn’t remember what had happened, he was almost sure that Song Qingchen had set him up!

Damn it!

He should never have trusted her!

“What’s with all the noise…” Mr. Song came from upstairs, his gait a little unsteady. Song Qingchen hadn’t put too much of the drug inside the wine, and after all the noise Qi Yanxi had made, even Mr. Song, who was sleeping upstairs, had woken up.

His face darkened as soon as he set foot into the room. He asked in a grim voice, “Songsong, what happened?”

Song Qingchen’s eyelashes shivered and tears rolled down her cheeks. She might as well be saying aloud that Sheng Yize was the unfaithful lover and she had just been dumped!

“Daddy… Brother Ah Ze…” She kept crying. Even someone as urbane as Mr. Song was enraged by this. “Sheng Yize, do you know how important chastity is to a girl? Not to mention you already have a girlfriend! How dare you… You bastard! You must give me an explanation!”

Sheng Yize stood ramrod straight, but the look on his face was getting colder.

If you were out to condemn someone, you could always trump up a charge.

Song Qingchen had trumped up an excellent one.

His phone vibrated and Sheng Yize froze on the spot after take a glimpse at the screen.

It was from An Xiaxia.

He picked up, but his fingers were shaking involuntarily.

The teenage girl’s soft and sweet voice came from the other end. “Sheng Yize, I’m breaking up with you.”