Chapter 42: An Xiaxia, You Idiot! (2)

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An Xiaxia asked in an aggrieved voice, “What did I get wrong?”

With a scowl, Sheng Yize used a red pen to quickly highlight several areas. “Hey, you even copied the formula wrong. Were you even listening?!”

An Xiaxia was frightened by his grumpy tone, but she still took the notebook and checked. She really had copied it wrong…

Ha… She got sleepy easily during the afternoon classes. She had already outdone herself by staying awake this long.

She pouted. “Then I’ll change it. Do you have to be so mean?”

After she said this, she took up her pen and began to make changes. Sheng Yize still wanted to say something, but when he saw her using her right hand to write while her injured left hand clumsily pressed the notebook down, he suddenly couldn’t bring himself to be angry with her anymore.

Damn… He forgot that her hand was injured, and he was still making her write!

Sheng Yize snatched the notebook back and said indifferently, “I’ll correct it myself.”

An Xiaxia snuck a glance at him and noticed that he didn’t seem mad anymore, so she boldly asked, “Then can you correct mine as well?”

She immediately regretted saying it and covered her mouth. Sheng Yize’s cold gaze then rested on her.

“You’re really making good use of the two sayings, ‘give an inch, take a mile’ and ‘hitting the snake with the rod 1 ‘!” Sheng Yize coldly replied. Just when An Xiaxia thought he was going to scold her again, he unexpectedly snatched her notebook and began to correct it attentively.

Sheng Yize actually wasn’t that bad…

Hehe, when I log onto Weibo tonight, I should trash him less harshly!

The An family.

Once An Xiaxia returned home from school, she took a shower first and then rapidly finished her homework before preparing to watch some cartoons.

When she was organizing her backpack, she realized that there was an extra maths textbook in her bag. She flipped it open and saw a name written in elegant handwriting, “Sheng Yize.”

Oh no… She had actually put Sheng Yize’s book by mistake into her own bag!

An Xiaxia scratched her head and remembered that they had been assigned maths homework today. She then ran upstairs in her slippers to return the book.

In the open living room upstairs, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng were chatting. When they saw her come up, they greeted her.

“Hey, Xiaxia! Want an apple?!” Chi Yuanfeng gave her an effusive smile and An Xiaxia was stunned for a second before she nodded vigorously with the heart of a flustered young girl.

Chi Yuanfeng then tossed over an apple which she caught while smiling foolishly. He Jiayu curled his lips in a smile as he asked, “Are you looking for Yize?”

“Yeah, I want to return his book.” An Xiaxia woke up from her reverie and rushed over to knock on Sheng Yize’s door.

Chi Yuanfeng mumbled, “Isn’t Brother Yize taking a shower right now? Why didn’t you stop her?”

He Jiayu rubbed his chin. “If I stopped her, we’d miss a great show.”


“Ahhh! Sheng Yize, you pervert! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?!” An Xiaxia screamed at the top of her lungs.

Chi Yuanfeng exclaimed, “It really is a great show… Tsk, tsk. Speaking of which, after looking for her for so many years, does Brother Yize really like her?”

He Jiayu smiled a little. “Life is full of unpredictable things. We should just watch for the entertainment.”

While the two outside were enjoying their little chat, all hell had broken loose inside the room.

An Xiaxia was jumping up and down while screaming nonstop.

This was the first time she was seeing a boy’s naked body!

However, she had to admit that Sheng Yize did have a great body. He had long limbs with perfect proportions and a very distinctive six-pack.

At that moment, he had just walked out of the shower. Only a white towel was wrapped around his waist and a few drops of water trickled down his Apollo’s belt. Seeing this, An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a nosebleed!