Chapter 421: You And Xiaxia Are Over (10)

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An Yibei picked up his coffee with a graceful movement and took a sip.

“Oh? In that case, are you going to explain to her about you and your childhood sweetheart sleeping together?”

Sheng Yize went pale. He knew nothing had happened between them, but he couldn’t give an explanation.

If he told An Yibei that he had been drunk and blacked out, it would only make the situation worse.

“I’ll come back to Xiaxia with my proof,” Sheng Yize said in a serious tone.

An Yibei shrugged and brushed him off.

His hand holding the coffee mug was trembling a little, which was a sign of him fighting back his anger with all his strength.

Despite his indifferent attitude, he actually felt like murdering someone right now!

That brat! How dare he do what he had done!

However, An Yibei was experienced enough to tell that nothing had actually happened between the two, but he hadn’t told An Xiaxia that.

He might as well take this opportunity to deflate Sheng Yize a little, otherwise he would still be all domineering around his little sister!

If Sheng Yize really could come up with evidence, it would prove how sincere he was toward An Xiaxia. In that case, An Yibei wouldn’t oppose their relationship anymore.

If he couldn’t and he still hung around that childhood sweetheart, An Yibei would be doing his sister a favor! That bastard wouldn’t be bothering her again!

Sheng Yize walked out of the house, got into his car, and lit a cigarette without pause.

He knew about An Xiaxia’s rhinitis and her dislike of the smell, so he had never smoked around her.

Under the flickering lights, his chiseled face looked worn out. Looking up, he could see a row of plants lined up outside An Xiaxia’s window.

They had planted them together when he was still living here. He had never expected to see them flourish so well.

Before long, the curtains were drawn open and a slim figure appeared, causing Sheng Yize to stop breathing.

An Xiaxia watered each plant carefully with a watering can. However, a moment later, she put a hand on her belly and frowned, which made her look unbearably adorable.

The wound on her belly was probably hurting again. That dummy. She should have just stayed in bed. A patient shouldn’t be walking around!

Sheng Yize wished he could go up there and toss her back in bed!

However, there was nothing he could do at the moment…

He looked down and the most lonely look filled his dark eyes.

Having finally gone through all the plants after watering a cactus, An Xiaxia stared at the pots.

What else could she do now?

The moment she became idle, that picture would flash in her mind again… as if it was a nightmare she couldn’t get over, grinning scornfully at her.

She leaned on the windowsill and looked round randomly. When she noticed the black Porsche downstairs, she froze.

She gritted her teeth when she recognized that license plate.

Sheng Yize!

He was right down there and god knew how long he had been watching her!

And she had been watering the plants like a dummy, completely unaware of his presence.

And the two of them had planted all these together.

The more she thought about it, the angrier An Xiaxia became. She picked up a pot of aloe vera and threw it down.

Crack —

The finely-made pot in the shape of a yellow duck shattered on the ground. The dirt and the plant flew everywhere.

Inside the car, Sheng Yize sat there with an expressionless face. He didn’t move a muscle, not even when the scorching ash fell on his fingertips.

Cactus, lucky bamboo, stone flower, pork and beans… An Xiaxia threw down all of the potted plants one by one.

Some dirt flew so far it smeared Sheng Yize’s car.

After throwing down the last pot with a heronsbill in it, An Xiaxia closed the window and the curtains, shutting the rest of the world out.

Sheng Yize heaved a long sigh and felt a throbbing pain in his chest.