Chapter 422: Dumb Kids Have More Fun

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He got out, looked at the ground covered in debris, then looked up at the shut window as he realized that An Xiaxia was genuinely angry.

With an impassive face, he found a cardboard box, put all the plants in it, and drove off.

Before confronting Song Qingchen, he had one more important thing to do.

An Xiaxia’s daily activities still consisted of lying in bed, eating, and catching up with the latest TV series. It seemed nothing had changed.

An Yibei was the only one who noticed the major difference.

Xiaxia seldom smiled now.

From a girl that had once been so lively and positive, she almost never smiled now. Even when Papa An tried to cajole her, or told her one of his lame jokes, she would force a smile at best, which only made others feel more sorry for her.

The wound on her belly was gradually recovering. Since she had fallen behind in her studies, An Yibei had been looking around for a tutor for her.

Qi Yanxi came by a lot and would stay in the cafe to give Uncle An a hand. When he felt like it, he would even make a cup of coffee himself, which he would then happily poison An Xiaxia with.

An Xiaxia was lazily flipping through a comic book on the first floor one day when a downpour started outside. Immediately after that, the landline at the bar rang and Qi Yanxi picked it up. A young man’s voice came from the other end. “Hello, is that An’s Good Cafe? Your coffee beans and milk are here. The rain is too heavy for me to deliver them. I’m just around the corner. Could you come out to get them, please?”

“Sure.” Qi Yanxi hung up and said to An Xiaxia, “Hey, Little Dummy Xia, I need to go pick up the delivery. Watch the shop while I’m away.”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia looked up from the book and saw the rain outside. “Now? But dad took our umbrella when he went to get groceries.”

That “our” caused Qi Yanxi to become lost in thought for a moment.

After hanging around the An family all this time, he had somehow come to consider this place his home.

The mild Papa An, the sharp-tongued An Yibei, and the adorable Xiaxia were here — if only she could become his little girlfriend…

“Teehee…” Qi Yanxi swam around in his fantasy and began to smile foolishly.

An Xiaxia was baffled. “Flower Qi, why are you giggling?”

“None of your business! I can giggle whenever I want!” Qi Yanxi said grumpily.

An Xiaxia gave him an understanding look. “Oh~ I see. Dumb kids have more fun.”

Qi Yanxi snorted like a tsundere and was going to run out into the rain when An Xiaxia stopped him.


“Wait! Let me make an umbrella for you!”

An Xiaxia found a plastic bag of some supermarket from the cabinet, stood on tiptoe, and put it over Qi Yanxi’s head. She then tied the handles into a bow under his chin and poked two holes in the bag. Qi Yanxi looked helplessly at her from under it.

“Are you seriously asking me to go out in this thing?” Qi Yanxi looked like he was going to have a stroke.

“It’s better than getting wet and catching a cold!” An Xiaxia argued, using her own logic. “Don’t worry. They can’t see your face, so no one will laugh at you.”

Qi Yanxi stood there speechless for a moment, but eventually, he rushed into the rain wearing the “umbrella” An Xiaxia made.

Before long, Qi Yanxi came back with a few boxes. He removed the plastic bag and said, “Little Dummy Xia, you know what? This thing actually worked… Look, my hair wasn’t ruined!”

He nagged and nagged, but got no reply. It was only then that he turned to An Xiaxia in confusion.

An Xiaxia was staring at the TV in the cafe, which was broadcasting a breaking piece of news on repeat.

[Starry Night, the national idol group, announced today that they would keep the name of the group while its members go solo. It is suspected that Sheng Yize, the captain of the group, is withdrawing from the entertainment industry!]