Chapter 423: Flower Qi, Knock It Off

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In the news, the man in charge of Starry Night’s studio was holding a press conference as he roughly explained the group’s current situation.

Chi Yuanfeng was shooting a film directed by a famous Chinese director and would focus on a future career in acting. He Jiayu had come out with an album of his own and music would be his future focus. Sheng Yize, on the other hand, was only briefly mentioned; it was said that he needed some time off due to the condition of his health, and that was that.

An Xiaxia bit her lip, recalling the words Sheng Yize had once said.

“If you don’t like showbiz, I can leave it for you.”

And there was that time when he had gone away for public events; she had complained that it felt like a long-distance relationship. He had only said casually that “It won’t happen again.”

It turned out that he had planned to drop out even then.

The most popular national idol had left the world of showbiz at the height of his career!

All his efforts and hard work over the past few years had come to nothing just like that.

An Xiaxia picked up her phone. She wanted to ask him what on earth was going on.

However, at the thought of the thing between him and Song Qingchen, she put down her phone right away.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Qi Yanxi raised an eyebrow. An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and said, “What’s there to ask? It’s his choice.”

She walked up the stairs with a stack of comic books in her arms. Qi Yanxi gazed at her tiny frame from behind, and suddenly felt helpless.

Even after what happened, she still couldn’t get over Sheng Yize.

What about himself?

Impulsively, Qi Yanxi caught up with An Xiaxia and held her by her shoulders. “An Xiaxia! When are you going to forget him? He betrayed you! He slept with another woman! Are you blind? Huh? Can’t you see there are other people out there for you?”

His clothes were soaked and dripping. When she wasn’t paying attention, he had dyed his hair back to black. His eyes shone brightly under his straight eyebrows and his defined facial features gave him a compelling look.

He had raised his voice with those words, which immediately caught the attention of a few customers who had walked in to get out of the rain.

An Xiaxia pushed him away uneasily. “Flower Qi, knock it off.”

Qi Yanxi grabbed her hand and said in a serious tone, “Let’s give it a go, Xiaxia. Even just for a day. Give me a chance, will you?”

He had changed so much for An Xiaxia, but he had never asked for anything in return, for he hadn’t wanted to sabotage her relationship with Sheng Yize.

Now that they had broken up, it meant he had the right to court her!

That arrogant teenager was pleading with her in such a humble manner. An Xiaxia would be lying if she said she wasn’t touched.

“Flower Qi… Stop it… People are watching…” An Xiaxia whispered.

Just then, Papa An came back from the grocer’s. Seeing that there was someone to take care of the shop now, Qi Yanxi picked An Xiaxia up in both arms, ignored her cry of surprise, and carried her upstairs.

Papa An was baffled: What were these two kids up to?

“Be my girlfriend!” Qi Yanxi said ferociously. “Or I’ll strangle you!”

An Xiaxia was speechless. “… Was that supposed to be a love confession?”

That was quite a scary way to put it…

Qi Yanxi wrapped big hands around her slender neck, trying to scare her. However, he couldn’t bring himself to do it after all.

“Shit! What else can it be? Do you think I’m going to hit you?!”

“Qi Yanxi… You’re a nice person…”

“I don’t buy the ‘nice person’ bullshit!” Qi Yanxi bristled right away. “I don’t care! From now on, I’ll repeat it every day until you say yes!”