Chapter 424: Cutie, Just Say Yes (1)

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The teenager made his unwavering declaration, then tossed An Xiaxia onto her bed and promptly left.

What a capricious guy! An Xiaxia shook her head.

LER Bar.

Mu Li was in her waitress uniform as she carried a glass of juice into the corridor. “Here, a glass of juice for our great artist Su Xiaomo.”

“Teehee. How about a smile for me, peach~” Su Xiaomo lifted Mu Li’s chin with a crooked smile, looking like a ruffian through and through.

Mu Li played along and gave her a little smile. Su Xiaomo took a sip of the juice and gave Mu Li a wink. “My fair maiden, your smile is even sweeter than this juice~”

Mu Li flushed a little. She feigned an annoyed look and rolled her eyes. “You definitely chose the wrong sex when you were born!”

Su Xiaomo stood there with arms akimbo and grinned. She then picked up the paintbrush and went back to her drawing.

Mu Li was working part-time in this bar, which had been going through a recent revamp. The owner of the bar was after something unique. He had happened to see one of Su Xiaomo’s works in an art exhibition and had been quite taken by it. After asking the owner of the art gallery about it, he was told that the artist was a Yu City local. The bar owner had then hired Su Xiaomo after repeated invitations, asking her to draw decor on several of the bar’s walls.

If one asked Mu Li, she had no idea what on earth Su Xiaomo was painting. However, her boss, that fussy, harsh Virgo guy, thought the world of those paintings. He would walk around exclaiming, “That’s art! That’s what real art should look like!” which almost made Mu Li doubt her own taste.

“Momo, what on earth are you drawing here…” Mu Li asked, craving an answer.

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “How should I know? I’m just doodling.”

“…” Mu Li didn’t know what to say. That doodle was worth six digits, and she genuinely felt sorry for her boss.

“Hey, isn’t that He Jiayu?” Mu Li’s sharp eyes caught sight of He Jiayu wearing a cap and walking into a private room. Su Xiaomo’s face lit up at those words. “He Jiayu is here? I bet Sheng Yize is with him!”

She tossed her paintbrush away, rubbed her hands together, and was ready for some action.

Mu Li was alarmed. “What are you doing?”

“Revenge for Xiaxia, obviously! I’m gonna bash Sheng Yize’s face in!”

She kicked the door to the private room open like she owned the place and found over a dozen people inside. Apart from the three members of Starry Night, there were also other men and women of the upper class, who turned their heads to Su Xiaomo in unison.

Su Xiaomo felt her legs give way under her immediately. She gritted her teeth and decided to stick to her plan!

“Where’s Sheng Yize?” she bellowed boorishly.

A fair-skinned boy pointed at a corner. “There, Young Master Sheng is having a drink. Auntie, what are you doing here?”

Pfft —

Su Xiaomo swore a blood vessel had just burst in her head!

She pointed at that boy, then at herself. “What did you just call me? Auntie?”

For the sake of convenience, she had on an old checked shirt and a pair of jeans today, together with an apron which had been splattered with paint and dirt. Her clothes might be shabby, but at least she had a pretty face for a teenage girl. Where had that “auntie” come from?

“Oh, I see! Sorry, wrong title!” The boy seemed to come to his senses right away. “Obasan, what are you doing here? We’re not finished yet. Please come back to clean up later!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes and wanted to kick his ass!

Obasan! He had just called her an obasan!

Screw him!

She was going to jump him when a pair of big hands stopped her. A person held her by her waist and pulled her into his arms. There was then that gentle voice that would always mesmerize her. “Why are you here?”

Except for Sheng Yize, the rest of the room sucked in their breaths!

Who on earth was this woman?