Chapter 425: Cutie, Just Say Yes (2)

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Su Xiaomo was flabbergasted as well and faltered. “I… I…”

I’m here to kick some ass!

She simply couldn’t announce that outright.

After all, she had never been Sheng Yize’s match in a fight. Adding to the fact that he was surrounded by this roomful of people, she would be signing her own death warrant if she said that!

Darting her eyes this way and that, she conveniently leaned into He Jiayu’s arms. “I’m here for you, He Jiayu. Can I copy your physics homework today?”

He Jiayu looked surprised for a brief moment, then smiled placidly. “Sure. I’ll send you the answers after I get back.”

Su Xiaomo’s grades were among the top five in the whole year. Since when did she need to copy his homework?

That was only an excuse. Since she seldom let her docile side show, he was happy to play along.

Someone yelled, “Jeez, Auntie, you’re so diligent and shamelessly modest! Coming to a bar to borrow homework, seriously?”

Su Xiaomo asked with a smile, “Darling, are you physically challenged in some way?”

That guy was vexed. “Screw you! I’m healthy as a bull! What are you getting at?”

“In that case, stop barking!” Su Xiaomo retorted mercilessly.

“Hahaha! I like her! Such a fierce chick!”

“Why, Young Master Lu, got slapped in the face, did we?”

Young Master Lu’s face turned livid. He snorted and went back to his drink, looking frustrated.

Only then did Su Xiaomo find the time to look for Sheng Yize, who sat with a grim face and a row of bottles lined up in front of him. He had clearly been drinking a lot. Despite the uproarious surroundings, he seemed to hear nothing. All he did was keep drinking.

Su Xiaomo went up to him and bellowed ferociously, “You cheater! Scumbag! Trash! Why don’t you drown yourself in your glass?! Hmph!”

The roomful of people watched in utter bewilderment as the girl heaped insults on Sheng Yize.

He Jiayu watched with resignation.

Sheng Yize looked up lazily and moved his lips. “It’s you.”

“So what?”

After a long silence, the handsome teenager finally spoke, sounding very gentle. “How is she?”

The day An Xiaxia had smashed the pots was the last time they had seen each other.

That “how is she” seemed to have traveled ten thousand miles from the other end of the world.

Su Xiaomo was baffled by that question. Judging by his tone, he genuinely cared for An Xiaxia.

She didn’t know why the two broke up, but as a friend, she chose to stand on An Xiaxia’s side no matter what. Sheng Yize had to be the one at fault!

However, from the look of Sheng Yize right now, could there be a story behind it?

She was still going over the question in her head when Sheng Yize raised a glass at her. “Drink with me?”

Su Xiaomo’s spirits were lifted. “Why not!” She could hold her liquor!

She picked up a bottle of beer, clinked it with Sheng Yize’s glass, then downed it in one go.

The two seemed to have found the perfect drinking buddy and kept pouring liquor down their throats. The others almost couldn’t keep up with them.

After over a dozen bottles of beer, two bottles of spirits, and a bottle of wine, Sheng Yize looked completely unaffected. He even calmly held up a bottle of Maotai. “Wanna try some?”

Su Xiaomo had long become inebriated and was slurring. “Of – of course… B- bring it on…”

She then fell off the sofa in a heap. Fortunately, a figure rushed to her in time to stop her from hitting the ground.

“You’ve had too much, Su Xiaomo. I think you should stop.” He Jiayu held her up and tried to talk some sense into her.

“No, I haven’t!” Su Xiaomo shoved He Jiayu forcibly, which caught him off-guard. As he fell back on the floor, the teenage girl gave him a broad smile and climbed on top of him. “Cutie, just say yes!”