Chapter 426: I’m Making You Mine

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A round of applause filled the room.

“Holy smokes! He’s getting ravished!”

“Hahaha! Quick, someone record them!”

“Old He is getting lucky today! He’s killing poor singles like us!”


Jeers and boos rang out in turn and He Jiayu’s fair cheeks had gone pink.

“Su Xiaomo, get off me.” He managed to stay polite.

Su Xiaomo raised his delicate chin and said in a lascivious tone. “Not gonna happen! I’m making you mine! Gangnam-style!”

She rubbed herself against He Jiayu and even began to do the rodeo dance.

Blue veins popped on He Jiayu’s forehead as he straightened his face and said sternly, “This is going too far!”

“Cuite, you’re so naggy! Haven’t you heard that life is too short, so have fun while you can?” Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes and smacked He Jiayu’s butt. “Sit still! Don’t make me take you by force…”

Seeing that she was out of control, He Jiayu couldn’t bear it anymore. He swiftly rose to his feet and threw the half-crazy Su Xiaomo over his shoulder. “You guys have fun. I’ll send her home!”

Behind him came boos and hoots. “Be a man, Old He, make her yours!” He Jiayu couldn’t help but quicken his steps at those words.

Once Su Xiaomo left, Sheng Yize seemed to lose all interest in the party. He promptly left after a brief goodbye.

It was late at night and the stars were twinkling high above.

The driver had been waiting for a long time in the car. Seeing that Sheng Yize had come out, he opened the door for him and asked respectfully, “Young Master, are we going home?”

Home… Without her, he had no home…

“Just drive around. I need some air.” He gave the instruction. The driver started the car right away and began to drive around Yu City as told.

Colorful neon lights flickered outside, lighting up the entire city.

The April wind was no longer as bone-chilling as it was in winter. Instead, it carried a gentleness characteristic of spring when it brushed the cheeks.

Everything looked so beautiful, but his heart felt bleak.

It seemed like forever when the car suddenly came to a stop. The driver said apologetically, “Young Master, I’m sorry…”

Sheng Yize came back to himself and checked the view outside.

The driver had taken him to the An family home!

The driver looked frustrated. He was used to driving to the An family home, and since the young master had asked him to drive around randomly, he had taken them here before he realized it!

Rumor was that the young master had broken up with Miss An… This place would surely bring back some sad memories, and he feared he would lose his job.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take a walk,” Sheng Yize said calmly, which made the flustered driver breathe out in relief.

However, the next second, his eyes opened wide!

Could someone please explain to him: why was his young master climbing over a wall?

After climbing up to the second floor with nimble movements, Sheng Yize pushed the window open and jumped in.

Gosh… Young Master, are you sure it’s the right thing to do to sneak into Miss An’s bedroom in the middle of the night?

Inside the room.

An Xiaxia was still asleep when a heavy thing fell on top of her, which made her groan. A pair of big hands covered her eyes, then a forceful and possessive kiss was pressed to her mouth…

Shit! A rapist!

An Xiaxia fought with all four limbs and whimpered, which only made the man on top of her deepen the kiss.

There was something very familiar about that kiss.

When their tongues were entangled, An Xiaxia found an opportunity and bit down hard!

Ssss —

Instead of backing off, the person pressed down even harder, as if he was going to swallow her whole.