Chapter 427: Please… Don’t Leave Me

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The smell of liquor and blood filled her mouth. An Xiaxia felt like a small boat being pushed around by tidal waves and was completely helpless.

When she finally managed to summon up some strength, she pushed the hands over her eyes away and recognized the face under the moonlight.

It was Sheng Yize.

It was indeed him.

“You bastard! Let go of me!” An Xiaxia hissed, fuming.

The light in Sheng Yize’s eyes dimmed. He then gave her cheeks a few pecks and loosened his grip, as if to ingratiate himself with her.


“Don’t call my name!” An Xiaxia was infuriated. “Let go of me or I’ll call the police!”

Sheng Yize hesitated, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Smack —

An Xiaxia hit him with an open palm.

In the end, she was still tenderhearted toward him. Instead of slapping his face, her hand landed on his chin.

Sheng Yize stayed as still as a rock and let An Xiaxia hit him to vent her anger.

“Can you stop being mad at me after you finish hitting me?” he asked in a low voice.

“No! We’re finished, Sheng Yize! What do you think you’re doing here?” An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and felt like he was driving her crazy.

Bastard! Son of a bitch!

He lowered his head. His long eyelashes cast shadows on his face and together with that mole under his eye, they gave him a gloomy and forlorn air.

An Xiaxia looked away, fearing that it might make her waver.

Sheng Yize took her little hand and squeezed it lightly. He then said gently, “If you’re still angry, how about hitting me some more? Xiaxia, please talk to me…”

An Xiaxia realized that he was afraid that she might hurt her hands hitting him.

“What’s wrong with you? Asking me to hit you?!” An Xiaxia was so irritated. However, Sheng Yize looked right into her eyes with his pretty ones and nodded earnestly.

The look on his face reminded her so much of a wounded dog.

“I swear I didn’t sleep with Song Qingchen. What happened the other day was a misunderstanding…” Song Qingchen tried his best to explain. “Xiaxia, I’m not lying to you.”

He really wasn’t.

Maybe there had been a time that he couldn’t exactly be considered a good person.

He had been a defiant teenager once who was cold-blooded, beat up other people in gang fights, and mercilessly turned down the girls who liked him.

However, he had never told An Xiaxia a lie. He hadn’t done it, he wasn’t doing it now, and he certainly wouldn’t do it in the future!

An Xiaxia was vexed. She took out her phone from under her pillow and found the picture. “See for yourself! A misunderstanding? Then what about this picture? Plus, my brother and Qi Yanxi saw it with their own eyes. Were all those misunderstandings?”

“She took it when I was drunk…”

“Why were you two in the same room if you were drunk? Wouldn’t people in the house consider propriety? Don’t tell me Song Qingchen put her own reputation at stake to set you up?” An Xiaxia asked harshly, finding his explanation lame.

The look on Sheng Yize’s face was indescribable. It was obvious that An Xiaxia simply wouldn’t believe him.

He could relate, for if the same thing happened to An Xiaxia, he probably would have the same reaction.

All people were prejudiced by their first impressions and they would only believe what they thought they knew.

The most important thing now was to find the evidence.

Action usually spoke louder than words.

“Xiaxia, I will find my proof.” He was very sincere.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks puffed up. “Don’t bother. We’re no longer together!”

Sheng Yize grabbed her chin and sounded angry. “No longer together? Sorry, I never gave my consent.”

“On behalf of myself, I’m breaking up with you!” An Xiaxia said out of spite.

“That’s invalid!” After refuting her announcement in a cold voice, his tone suddenly turned frustrated. “Please… Don’t leave me…”