Chapter 428: I Want to Tell You So Much (1)

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After being around him for so long, this was the first time An Xiaxia ever saw him so humble.

It felt like a ball of cotton had been stuffed down her throat, making her unable to say a word.

Sheng Yize rubbed his head against her shoulder, his tone halfway between pleading and coquettishly charming. “Please don’t leave me… Xiaxia, I’d rather you beat me up or lash out at me. Order me to do anything for you. Just don’t leave me…”

An Xiaxia could feel the warmth of his body against her shoulder, and realized that he had put all his weight on an elbow so that his weight wouldn’t crush her.

Small details like that always melted her heart.

Moreover, his hand been wounded because he tried so save her.

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes wholly against her will and she said through gritted teeth, “How about a star in the sky? Would you get me one if I asked for that?”

“If I did that, you’ll have to stop ignoring me, deal?” His eyes were bright as stars and An Xiaxia nodded reluctantly. Sheng Yize then gave her a smile before climbing out of bed and swiftly jumping out the window —

Shit! Did he just jump out of a building?!

An Xiaxia scrambled to her feet and hurried to the side of the bed. Sheng Yize had already landed steadily on the ground outside and he waved at her, his body as straight as a pine tree. He then went to his car. The black Porsche drove off into the night, disappearing into the distance.

His answer had come so quick that he must have been scared off by that impossible request! Hmph!

She knew it!

Over on the other end, the Su family home.

From what he remembered from the last time he was there, He Jiayu managed to send Su Xiaomo home.

No one was there. Empty instant noodle cups and takeaway boxes were piled up on the coffee table and the room was in a mess, which made He Jiayu shake his head.

Sensing that she had come back to her own place, Su Xiaomo happily stumbled in herself, taking her clothes off as she walked.

First was the jacket. She then reached into her T-shirt and fumbled around. A couple of seconds later, her pink bra was tossed over her head.

He Jiayu was speechless.

He picked up all the pieces one by one in her wake. When he reached the bra, the skin behind his ears turned pink.

This little woman was really…

Su Xiaomo hummed a tune and shook her hips. God knew what she was getting excited about.

All of a sudden, she burst out crying, which made He Jiayu jump.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” He Jiayu asked nervously.

She couldn’t have bumped into something just then, could she?

“I, I can’t find my f**king bed! Where’s my bed? Where is my bed?!” Su Xiaomo was crying her eyes out and kept shaking He Jiayu. “I want my bed —”

She was frighteningly strong and He Jiayu dangled hopelessly in her grip.

When she finally stopped shaking him, he felt the world spin…

“Sigh, I’ll take you there.” He then picked Su Xiaomo up in both arms and put her on the bed.

Su Xiaomo rolled around in satisfaction, but began to howl a moment later. “Why is my bed cold? Why?! Heavens! Holy mother! Why are you doing this to me?!”

He Jiayu’s head went blank for two seconds. Were beds supposed to warm up by themselves?

Between him and Su Xiaomo, one of them had gotten the completely wrong idea!

“Don’t… don’t cry…” He wiped Su Xiaomo’s tears clumsily. Su Xiaomo rubbed her head against his hand and wiped her nose with that tissue paper as well.

He Jiayu smacked his forehead. He quickly dumped that ball of tissue with its questionable contents into the bin.

“Actually, there’s something I need to tell you…” Su Xiaomo said timidly. He Jiayu leaned in. “Hm?”

There was a great force, and before he knew it, Su Xiaomo had wrapped him in the duvet!