Chapter 429: I Want to Tell You So Much (2)

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“Haha! You little minx! You’re going to warm my bed!” Su Xiaomo laughed happily. After some thought, she climbed under the duvet as well and asked cautiously, “Hey, which mountain did you cultivate on? What kind of spiritual animal are you? Did you know? You’re not allowed to become a spiritual animal whenever you want these days.”

He Jiayu didn’t know what to say. He so wanted to beat someone up now… Could he do that? Could he?!

“I… I’m not a spiritual animal.” That was the only frustrated answer he was able to give.

Su Xiaomo looked shocked. “So, are you a fairy? Just like me?”

He Jiayu was speechless.

Could someone please tell him: would it be against the law if he strangled this nutjob? It was kind of urgent!

“I’m nothing like that!” He Jiayu raised his voice. Su Xiaomo huddled into a ball right away and looked so aggrieved. “Fine. Keep your voice down…”

He Jiayu turned soft at that, and he sighed and lay flat on his back as he actually began to warm the bed for Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo rubbed her head happily on his chest and climbed on top of him again.

He Jiayu was baffled. How much did this woman love this position?

It was so embarrassing!

Why was a guy on the bottom all the time? That was such a humiliation! It was like handing over a country’s sovereignty!

He thought about using force, but feared that he might hurt this drunk goofball. He Jiayu sighed. “I surrender. Sigh … I have to leave after your bed is warm, alright?”

Su Xiaomo replied in a sulky voice, then moved closer to his handsome face and spoke solemnly, as if she was taking a vow. “There’s something I want to tell you.”


“Something I really, really want to tell you!”

“Alright. Shoot.”

“I really, really do!” She emphasized those words, held her face in her palms, and smiled infatuatedly.

That smile reminded one of all the blossoms of spring, and pleasantly surprised a certain fellow.

I want to tell you so much that I like you a lot.

Those words repeated themselves over and over again in the teenage girl’s head.

However, they were almost out of her mouth when she changed them. “I want to tell you so much… that you’re such a dumbass! Mwahahahaha!”

Su Xiaomo guffawed uncontrollably.

He Jiayu’s face instantly turned darker than a storm!

He finally realized what this woman was doing! She was playing him!

“Su Xiaomo!” He raised his voice and grabbed her cheeks with both hands. He then began to rub them mercilessly.

The skin under his fingertips was as smooth as porcelain, which interested him greatly. He then squeezed her face into a goldfish expression.

Su Xiaomo said through gritted teeth, “How – how dare you do this to a fairy! I’m going to annihilate you on behalf of the moon!”

“Bring it on.” He Jiayu smiled innocently. “Bring your alter ego out.”

Su Xiaomo was crestfallen right away. Alter ego? What the hell was that? She was pretty sure she didn’t have one.

However, her tough girl side got the better of her, and she chuckled as she began to put her hands all over He Jiayu’s body.

His lean chest, his muscular abdomen… she missed nothing.

He Jiayu tried to stop her, but Su Xiaomo dodged his hands easily enough and moved further down. She now felt something soft…

She squeezed!

Su Xiaomo tightened her grip and heard He Jiayu draw in his breath. He then pushed her off forcefully. Even someone as genteel as him couldn’t help but bellow, “Watch where you put your hands!”

That had been out of line!

Su Xiaomo howled like a little kid. “You’re shouting at me! How can you shout at me?! Didn’t we make a deal to be each other’s angels? Didn’t we say we’d look up at the sky together and stop crying? Why are you shouting at me?!”

He Jiayu always turned softhearted at her tears and he lowered his voice immediately. “I’m a man and you’re a woman. There are places on my body you shouldn’t be touching.”