Chapter 43: Whatever You Want, I Will Satisfy You (1)

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“Y- y- you… I- I- I- I’m telling you, this isn’t right! It’s obscene!” An Xiaxia said incoherently, while Sheng Yize was speechless. “An Xiaxia, last time I checked, this is my room. Isn’t it my right to wear whatever I want in my own room?”

An Xiaxia stopped short. Her gaze then rested on his abs again and she felt warmth surging up her nose.

She swung around and used the book to cover her eyes. “I can’t see. I didn’t see anything.”

Sheng Yize helplessly shook his head and turned around to put on some clothes. He then asked, “What are you here for?”

“To return this book…” An Xiaxia sheepishly raised the maths textbook.

Sheng Yize walked over and briskly retrieved the book from her hands. However, An Xiaxia remained frozen in place and didn’t move.

“Put on some clothes! Ahh! I’ll scream for help!” An Xiaxia thought he was still naked and was so frightened that her neck had turned pink.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and was tempted to tease her. So he intentionally crept closer and whispered behind her ear, “The soundproofing in your house is really good. I assume that even if you scream until your throat hurts, no one will come.”

An Xiaxia became even more alarmed and bit her lip. Her eyes were filled with bewilderment.

The breathing behind her ear was hot, and remembering the titillating scene she had just witnessed, An Xiaxia thought she was going to…

Plop —

She could no longer hold back the liquid inside her nose and it spurted out.

An Xiaxia quickly covered her nose.

Nosebleed! It was actually a nosebleed!

“Ha…” Behind her, a low chuckle rang out as Sheng Yize covered his nose while he teased, “An Xiaxia, I really didn’t expect you to have such lusty fantasies.”

“You’re the lusty one!” An Xiaxia looked like a bristling cat whose tail had been stepped on. She turned around, only to realize that Sheng Yize had already put all of his clothes on properly!

How irritating! He had actually lied to her!

She felt angry but couldn’t voice her thoughts. Her glistening black pupils gave Sheng Yize a guilty conscience.

He brought a tissue box over and handed it to An Xiaxia, and in passing snatched the apple that Chi Yuanfeng had given her and happily ate it.

“That’s mine!” Glutton Xia could only watch as her apple entered his stomach.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Is that how an assistant is supposed to speak? An Xiaxia, do you want to violate our contract?”

Contract, contract, and again with the contract! An Xiaxia was fuming and she rushed out of the room, still covering her nose.

This devil, this bastard! She was never going to talk to him again!

Seeing her face covered in blood as she came out, Chi Yuanfeng’s eyes widened. “Wow! Those two must have been very active in there just now…”

He Jiayu curled his lips in a smile, but didn’t say a word.

Heartbroken, An Xiaxia decided to find her dear old brother for some healing.

After knocking on her brother’s door, she went in and saw that An Yibei was busy with work.

“Brother, what are you doing?” An Xiaxia went over to his desk.

“Busy.” He gave a one-word answer, which implicitly meant, “I don’t have time for you. So, scat.”

An Xiaxia was hurt once again and was going to leave when she suddenly discovered a picture of a girl taken from behind on An Yibei’s desktop screen…

Her eyes lit up. “Wow! Brother, is that your girlfriend?”

An Yibei seemed to realized something and quickly pressed the power button, turning off his computer right away!

This only confirmed An Xiaxia’s conclusion. She rushed over to turn on the computer again.

Blue veins popped on An Yibei’s forehead as he stopped her hand. “Name your price. Whatever you want, I’ll satisfy you!”