Chapter 430: I Want to Tell You So Much (3)

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Su Xiaomo stopped crying abruptly and stared at He Jiayu as if he had lost his mind.

“Dude, we’re all buddies here. What can’t I touch?”

He Jiayu fought hard to stop himself from punching her. “But you’re a woman! A woman! A WOMAN! I’ve said it three times for emphasis! If I touch your breasts now, you’d chop me to pieces instead of shouting at me.”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “I have no boobs. Here, help yourself.”

She stuck out her chest, looking as tough as ever.

“…” He Jiayu was defeated.

“There, there. Go to sleep.” He Jiayu wrapped the duvet tightly around Su Xiaomo and wouldn’t let go despite Su Xiaomo’s fierce struggles. His tone, however, remained kind. “Sleep — now —”

Seeing that her struggles were to no avail, Su Xiaomo mumbled and soon fell asleep.

He Jiayu climbed off the bed, dropped his forehead into one hand to compose his thoughts, then left Su Xiaomo’s place, still sighing.

He didn’t hear Su Xiaomo talk in her sleep: “I want to tell you so much that I like you a lot…”

But, she couldn’t tell him.

He could never know.

The following day, An Xiaxia woke up very early. After reluctantly washing her face, she saw that there was a guest in the living room.

“Mr. Tang?” she cried out in surprise.

Tang Yijun was sitting on the sofa and chatting with Papa An. As a knowledgeable and amiable man, he talked very congenially with the latter.

“Xiaxia, come here.” Papa An beckoned at her. “This is Mr. Tang, and your personal tutor from now on.”

“Hello, my class representative. I hope we’ll get along well.” Tang Yijun offered An Xiaxia his hand.

An Xiaxia shook it, overwhelmed by this unexpected favor.

Papa An went downstairs to the cafe after a brief introduction. Tang Yijun smiled at An Xiaxia. “Bring all your textbooks to the study. I’ll set up a study plan for you.”

An Xiaxia followed the order and brought the books.

Tang Yijun held his phone, looking vexed. An Xiaxia darted a glance in passing and saw that he was on Wechat, talking to none other than Bai Ziyue herself!

Hohoho~ Could Mr. Tang be secretly in love with Miss Bai?

“Focus!” Tang Yijun flicked her forehead and explained briefly, “From now on, I’ll give you a two-hour tutoring session every day. Don’t be so nervous. I might be your teacher, but you’re my boss.”

His sense of humor lightened the mood and An Xiaxia smiled.

Since Tang Yijun was her teacher at school, he knew An Xiaxia’s situation quite well. The study plan was soon drawn out, which started with learning new content followed by revision.

Once the session began, An Xiaxia realized that Tang Yijun was an all-round teacher!

He knew every subject and was very good at explaining things!

He definitely had to have been one of those curve wreckers when he was a student!

The teacher and the student were having a great interaction when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Papa An pushed the door open and smiled awkwardly at Tang Yijun. “Mr. Tang, sorry for interrupting you.”

“That’s ok.” Tang Yijun smiled.

Papa An brought them a cup of coffee and a cup of milk tea. After some hesitation, he handed An Xiaxia a box.

“Yize brought this over just then…”

An Xiaxia was surprised. She took the box and opened it.

Inside was an exquisite necklace with a pendant of unknown material. It had been made into the shape of a sunflower.

“What’s this?” An Xiaxia grumbled.

Tang Yijun’s face lit up. “May I have a look?”

An Xiaxia handed him the necklace. He had a look and chuckled. “It’s a meteorolite.”

A meteorolite? Why had Sheng Yize given her a meteorolite?