Chapter 431: Give Her A Star

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Seeing the confused look on An Xiaxia’s face, Tang Yijun explained to her with a smile, “In plain words, meteorites are stars in the universe that fall to earth through the atmosphere and which then become these stones. When they fall, we call them ‘shooting stars.’ When it happens on a large scale, we see a meteor shower.”

An Xiaxia’s cheeks slowly turned red.

Had he just given her a shooting star?

She had said she wanted a star… and he had given her one…

“It’s just a stone…” she grumbled and took back the necklace, stuffing it into her pocket as if she couldn’t care less.

Tang Yijun chuckled. “You youngsters are so romantic…”

“No, we’re not! We broke up!”

“Ahem…” Tang Yijun coughed, his face covered in disbelief.

He and Bai Ziyue knew the two were a couple. As their class teacher, Bai Ziyue had talked to them in private. She neither supported nor disapproved of their relationship, but only tried to guide it in a way that would benefit them both.

Tang Yijun had even made a bet with Bai Ziyue, saying that it would definitely work out for them.

But he had just been told that they had broken up?

Fine, fine. He would leave the kids to take care of their own affairs.

An Xiaxia picked up her textbook and asked a few questions. The tutoring session for the day soon came to an end.

Tang Yijun suddenly asked, “By the way, Xiaxia, what do you think of that nephew of mine? He’s pretty decent, actually.”

Pffft — Mr. Tang, are you sure you should be asking me that?

“Mr. Tang, don’t try to set me up with some random guy! If you have nothing better to do, get on with courting Miss Bai!” An Xiaxia said in a distressed tone.

Tang Yijun rubbed his nose. “How did you know I’m courting Miss Bai?”

“…” That was some dumb luck she had there.

“Hohoho… I didn’t. But I do now.”

Tang Yijun was speechless for two seconds, then flicked her forehead and warned her, “Don’t tell a third person!”

“Bribe me!” An Xiaxia shamelessly put out an open palm in front of him.

Tang Yijun took some toffee out of his pocket and said earnestly, “It’s not a lot, but I mean it. Please promise me not to tell anyone else.”

Glutton Xia took the bribe without hesitation. “Yes!”

“Good girl.” Tang Yijun smiled gently. An Xiaxia unwrapped a candy, then a question occurred to her. “Mr. Tang, why do you have candy on you?”

The look in Tang Yijun’s eyes had never been so gentle. “Because your Miss Bai likes candies.”

After that, he waved at An Xiaxia and got up to leave. An Xiaxia sat there dazed, like a single person who had just been forced to witness a lovey-dovey scene.

I’m envious! Arf 1!

The Sheng family.

Sheng Yize went back home after Sheng Qingyi’s repeated requests. Upon entering the house, he saw that both Mr. Song and Song Qingchen were inside. The look on his face turned cold instantly.

“You brat! Get over here!” Sheng Qingyi bellowed. Sheng Yize darted him an indifferent look and went up to them with unhurried steps and gave a greeting. “Hello, Uncle Song.”

He ignored Song Qingchen.

“I heard about what you did with Songsong. You little bastard, how could you do such a thing?” Sheng Qingyi scolded him in an indignant voice. However, he was secretly elated inside.

This way, Sheng Yize simply had to marry her!

Uniting with the Song family through marriage had been his biggest wish for years!

“Oh? In that case, enlighten me. What have I done?” Sheng Yize crossed his arms and lazily turned his gaze toward Song Qingchen.

Song Qingchen lowered her head, looking aggrieved. “Brother Ah Ze, why – why are you asking such an obvious question… sob …”