Chapter 432: Do You Like Me?

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Once she began to speak, her tears poured out like a broken tap.

Sheng Yize smiled a little and said nothing.

However, Mr. Song was infuriated by this attitude. He said coldly, “Mr. Sheng, your son has defiled my daughter and taken her maidenhood! What are you going to do about it?”

Sheng Qingyi felt like strangling Sheng Yize on the spot and bellowed at his son, “What sort of man are you? Denying what you did? Tell us how you’re going to fix this or I’ll break your leg!”

Those words seemed to jog Sheng Yize’s memory. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Then, what if I told you I did nothing?”

If Song Qingchen swore that they had done what she said they had, he didn’t mind getting an examination done at a hospital with Song Qingchen.

There were medical tests for that.

“I saw it with my own eyes and you’re still trying to deny it? Sheng Yize, what do you take the Song family for?” Enraged, Mr. Song almost fainted. Song Qingchen caught him in time and patted his back to calm him down.

“Daddy… don’t be mad. Let me talk to Brother Ah Ze in private, ok?”

Mr. Song waved his hand and let her.

Song Qingchen darted Sheng Yize a look, who shrugged and followed her out.

The two walked slowly through the garden at the back of the house. Song Qingchen tried to hold his arm, but he easily dodged.

“What do you want to say?” Sheng Yize asked with a grim face.

Although he couldn’t remember exactly what happened that day, he knew he hadn’t even kissed Song Qingchen once, let alone sleep with her.

However, Song Qingchen knew how to play with words. Whenever other people asked about it, she would say something ambiguous, then begin a round of piteous weeping. It could fool anyone!

How had his innocent childhood sweetheart turn into this person?

“Brother Ah Ze, you’ve changed… You said you liked me… Why? Why won’t you even believe me now?” Song Qingchen said sadly.

Sheng Yize stopped walking and said coldly, “You should know better than me who’s the one that has changed. Song Qingchen, it must feel so good to set me up, doesn’t it?”

Song Qingchen gritted her teeth. “You… Brother Ah Ze, I…”

She wanted to talk her way out of this, but she couldn’t.

Sheng Yize raised her chin and stared unblinkingly at her with his black pupils. The mole under his eye was mesmerizing and he had such a brooding gaze. The teenage girl’s cheeks slowly turned pink, as if they had been tinted by the glow of a sunset.

“Do you like me?”

At the teenager’s suddenly gentle voice, tears welled up in Song Qingchen’s eyes. She nodded affirmatively.

She had never denied how she felt about him.

“I like you a lot, too.” Sheng Yize smiled. His matchless good looks turned all the more charming with that smile.

Before she knew it, Song Qingchen was holding onto the edge of his clothes as she murmured, “Brother Ah Ze…”

Sheng Yize seemed to dart a casual look at her nails. Song Qingchen had long, pretty nails that were well-manicured.

But he preferred the chubby pink fingers of another girl.

“You like me the way a woman would love a man. But I like you the same way I did ten years ago, as a younger sister.” Sheng Yize caressed her cheek. “Are you still willing to marry me even if that’s all I have for you?”

Song Qingchen said without hesitation, “I am!”

She sounded as desperate as a devoted believer.

“Alright. We’ll go abroad together.”

Song Qingchen jumped up with jubilation. “Really? Brother Ah Ze, you want to be with me?”