Chapter 433: Teach Someone A Lesson (1)

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The sun shone down warmly. Sheng Yize stood there didn’t give an answer.

Song Qingchen, on the other hand, went back to the living room and cosied up to Mr. Song, wrapping her arms around his. “Daddy, Brother Ah Ze has agreed to go abroad with me!”

Seeing the happy smile on his young daughter’s face, Mr. Song also looked more placid.

As long as Sheng Yize would take responsibility for his daughter.

Unfortunately, that other girl… Sigh , fate could be so cruel!

The father and daughter left holding hands and Sheng Qingyi walked them out with the biggest smile. When he came back, Sheng Yize had just walked slowly into the room from the garden. He praised his son, “Good, very good, cajoling Songsong with ease like that. Going abroad is a great choice. The education there is better. I’ll have you two enroll in a school soon. You two are already eligible to get married out there, aren’t you…”

He nagged about all the little things tentatively and Sheng Yize listened with a smile. This was the first time that he felt Sheng Qingyi actually cared about him as a father.

But it was for such a contemptuous cause.

“I haven’t forgotten what you did back then. You broke my leg and locked me up in an asylum because I tried to look for her,” Sheng Yize smiled and said casually, which made Sheng Qingyi break into a cold sweat.

A Sheng Yize like this scared even him, a ruthless grownup!

“It was for your own good! And for the entire Sheng family!” Sheng Qingyi scowled and played the dignified father.

The smile on Sheng Yize’s face faded, replaced by a grim look as cold as the North Pole.

“Heh…” He stood ramrod straight. “From now own, get out of my world, together with your ‘for my own good’!”

“Get out? Is that what a son should say to a father?!” Sheng Qingyi roared in a frenzied rage. Sheng Yize only darted him a nonchalant look and strode out without looking back.

This place had never been his home.

An Xiaxia was recovering at a steady rate and the notice of her entering the quarter-final of the music festival had also arrived.

She wasn’t ready to go back to school yet, but she should be fine for the competition.

After some discussion with the rest of the family, both Papa An and An Yibei gave their consent. Hence, she began to practice at home.

There were over a dozen possible pieces for the quarter-final, and the contestants would draw lots on the day of the competition, which meant that all of them would have to practice over a dozen pieces beforehand. That was a lot of pressure.

An Xiaxia had the right attitude. As if she was venting her emotions from the past few days, she felt a cathartic power from her daily practice.

The day of the competition arrived in no time. An Yibei drove her to the venue himself and offered indifferent encouragement. “You can do it.”

“Brother, can’t you try to be more passionate? Put in some feeling?” An Xiaxia said sarcastically.

An Yibei darted her a look and added in that same impassive tone, “Wow, Xiaxia is awesome. Go for it.”

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. “Forget it. Don’t cheer for me.”

The corner of An Yibei’s mouth curled up the tiniest bit and he joined the rest of the audience.

Two unwanted guests were in the audience as well.

Li Fanxing and Song Qingchen.

“Sheng Yize really agreed to go abroad with you?” Li Fanxing was surprised.

Song Qingchen nodded shyly and smiled. “He did.”

Li Fanxing was speechless. She had made a pact with Song Qingchen back then, one working to get Sheng Yize, while the other Qi Yanxi.

Song Qingchen had gotten what she wanted, but Li Fanxing was still getting nowhere.

That was so frustrating.

“Before I leave, I’d like to teach someone a lesson.” Song Qingchen gracefully took out a pregnancy test result from her bag, took a picture, and sent it.

Li Fanxing glanced at the screen. It had indeed been sent to An Xiaxia!