Chapter 435: The Truth (1)

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Even two of the female judges dabbed the corners of their eyes with tissues.

An Xiaxia bowed and went off the stage. As long as thirty seconds passed before the audience broke into applause!

The clapping went on spontaneously and the judges gave her the highest score.

None of that mattered to An Xiaxia anymore.

She looked as if she had lost her soul when she got into An Yibei’s car with robotic movements. No matter how An Yibei intimidated or cajoled her, she said nothing.

Returning to her room, she opened her drawer and found that necklace.

The sunflower pendant implied “reaching for warmth,” but it all seemed like an illusion now.

He had given her a star, but her heart was broken.

When Qi Yanxi went upstairs, he immediately saw how distracted An Xiaxia was.

Anger overwhelmed him immediately and he gave An Xiaxia a shove. “Hey, Little Dummy Xia, why the dead fish look? What happened? Someone made you unhappy? Or is it because of Sheng Yize again?”

He had used just a little too much strength and An Xiaxia’s mind was somewhere else. She fell to the floor at his push.

“Shit! Xiaxia!” Qi Yanxi panicked and helped her up right away. He then spun her around. “Are you alright? Hurt anywhere?”

An Xiaxia was touched. It was just a little fall. How serious could it be?

He had been alarmed by such a small thing; it meant he must really care for her.

“I’m alright.” An Xiaxia tugged Qi Yanxi’s sleeve. “Flower Qi, what do you do when you’re in a bad mood?”

“Car-racing! Drinking! Kicking ass!” Qi Yanxi enumerated his choices. An Xiaxia said with twinkling eyes, “Take me! Take me!”

Qi Yanxi snickered. “You’re still recovering so you’re not doing anything exciting, so car-racing is a no-no for you. As for drinking, don’t you get drunk, like, after a glass of beer? And then there’s ass-kicking. Tsk, tsk. Forget it. You’re about as useful as a chicken there!”

An Xiaxia sulked. “I’ll go to bed, then…”

With that, she inched toward her bed like a snail, rolled around, and wrapped herself in her duvet.

Qi Yanxi frowned. Didn’t they say girls tended to overthink things? Lying there doing nothing would only make it worse, right?

After going through a few ideas in his head, he said with a crooked smile, “Come with me! I know a place that’ll cheer you up!”

Yuan Hotel.

Young Master Qi had a lot of money and he was very generous with it. Waving his VIP card, he led An Xiaxia all the way into a private room and ordered a table full of food.

An Xiaxia was astonished.

“Help yourself! We can always order some more!” Qi Yanxi was demonstrating what it meant to be “a rich goofball.”

“Can we finish all this?” An Xiaxia asked hesitantly. Qi Yanxi waved her off. “Don’t worry! Just eat as much as you can!”

An Xiaxia nodded adorably, picked up her chopsticks and spoon, and put her heart into eating.

Qi Yanxi only had a few bites before he placed all his attention on An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia ate slowly, but watching her eat was so appetizing. Her cheeks puffed up and her lips were pink and a little glossy.

The more he watched, the more he liked her.

Qi Yanxi followed her even when she went to the toilet. “You might get lost.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

When they exited the private room, they saw that the lobby was packed. Someone was probably holding a banquet here.

They reached the washroom to find the women’s side locked. Qi Yanxi grinned wickedly. “How about we use the men’s toilet?”

After that, he dragged An Xiaxia into the men’s toilet despite her protests and pushed her into a cubicle with a teasing smile.

Just then, they heard two familiar voices on the other side of the wall —