Chapter 436: The Truth (2)

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“Song Qingchen, you disgust me! I’m amazed that Sheng Yize actually agreed to go abroad with you. He must be blind!” a cold and vitriolic female voice screeched.

Song Qingchen chuckled. “Whatever. He’s mine now.”

“Don’t for one minute think you can fool me. You set him up, didn’t you? And my sister provided you with the drugs: one to knock him out and one to give him hallucinations! You two are all about dirty tricks!”

The two continued to bicker as they engaged in a heated debate. Little did they know that the toilets here had such thin walls.

An Xiaxia was pressed into the wall of a cubicle in the men’s washroom by a grim-faced Qi Yanxi. She gave no reaction even when his hot breath blew on her neck.

Damn it! He wouldn’t have brought her here if he knew this was going to happen! His plan had been to tease her by dragging her into the men’s washroom and seeing her squeak a little. And now this!

The conversation went on —

“Li Canxing, you’re ridiculous. Go grab Sheng Yize yourself if you like him. What’s wrong with using whatever means possible for love? You can’t have him, so you accuse me of playing dirty? Who do you think you are? An innocent white flower?” Song Qingchen said coldly. There was then the sound of splashing water. “Look at yourself! You fell for the same man as your sister! You slut!”

Li Canxing burst out in a fury and swung her palm at Song Qingchen. “A faker like you has no right to judge me! Going away with the man that raped you and having a baby without getting married? You’re a humiliation to the Song family!”

Song Qingchen shrieked, apparently having gotten hit. The two then tussled together. Song Qingchen managed to grab Li Canxing by her hair and smash her head against the wall.

The pain almost brought tears to Li Canxing’s eyes. Song Qingchen, on the other hand, burst into laughter at her rage. She scoffed, “Actually, I didn’t sleep with him at all and the pregnancy is also fake… See? That’s where I differ from you. I made him mine without breaking a sweat. And you? What else can you do apart from making a scene at your own birthday party?”


In the men’s washroom, An Xiaxia’s face changed color and she bit her lip.

Qi Yanxi emitted a wild and unyielding air. He said in a raspy voice, “Don’t tell me you’re going soft on him!”

He pinched An Xiaxia’s chin and announced his possessiveness like an angry lion.

When the conversation next door finally ended, An Xiaxia felt her legs give out under her. She would have collapsed to the ground if Qi Yanxi hadn’t caught her in time.

“Pull yourself together!” Qi Yanxi remarked, then dragged her out with a pained look on his face.

When they passed the lobby, An Xiaxia caught sight of Li Fanxing, who was standing beside a middle-aged man. She was probably here for Li Canxing’s birthday party.

Muddled, she took out her phone and wanted to call Sheng Yize.

Song Qingchen happened to walk out at that moment to get some dessert. She spotted An Xiaxia and Qi Yanxi right away.

A gloating smile crept onto her face. She went up to them with a raised chin. “Sheng Yize has left the country today and I’m leaving in the afternoon. An Xiaxia, we won’t see each other again.”

She was blatantly displaying her strength!

An Xiaxia smiled brightly. “Song Qingchen, play the innocent girl for as long as you want, but that won’t change the fact that you’re a homewrecker! At least when you took that nude photo, Sheng Yize and I were still together! I don’t see why I need to see you ever again! You’re just a bitch that wants to play the holy mother!”