Chapter 437: I’m As Good As Sheng Yize

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As the saying went: Don’t say something you can’t take back, even in a fight.

However, after learning from An Yibei all these years, An Xiaxia was an expert at hitting her enemies right where it hurt the most.

This woman wanted a fight? Fine. Bring it on!

Song Qingchen had already experienced An Xiaxia’s fierce combat style before, but those words still made her sway a little.

An Xiaxia was right. She was a homewrecker. No matter how much the innocent she played and how much she wailed, it wouldn’t change that fact.

“And now he’s mine!” Song Qingchen’s eyes were fighting bright. An Xiaxia shrugged. “Fine, he’s yours. Congratulations on achieving the title of ‘homewrecker.’ Hello, Homewrecker Song. Bye, Homewrecker Song!”

Qi Yanxi added, “Sister Homewrecker, do come back and visit us sometime. I can introduce you to some married men, so you can get more practice.”

After that, the two left unhurriedly with their chins up and chests out, leaving Song Qingchen behind to fume with rage.

After sending An Xiaxia home, Qi Yanxi showed no intention of leaving. He rubbed his hands together and pinned her to the wall when she wasn’t looking.

“Flower Qi, what are you doing?” An Xiaxia pushed him in confusion.

Qi Yanxi rest his forehead against hers and they stood just one or two centimeters apart. They could even feel the heat of each other’s breaths.

“Will you really not consider me? I’m as good as Sheng Yize,” he said in a raspy voice as he looked into An Xiaxia’s eyes affectionately.

It was as if An Xiaxia was the only person to exist in this world!

An Xiaxia looked away uneasily. “Flower Qi, don’t say that… You can’t compare one relationship with another. I don’t have that feeling for you. I’m happy that you treat me nicely, because I’m as vain as any other girl, but I can’t say yes to you, nor can I give you an ambiguous answer and keep you guessing. Fooling around with you is unfair to you. I don’t want to disrespect you like that.”

A bitter taste filled Qi Yanxi’s mouth. The dummy was still trying to talk sense into him even in this situation.

How could he not understand what she had said? But that didn’t change the fact that he couldn’t live with the truth.

“Xiaxia…” he murmured, caressing her pink lips with his rough fingertips. After much hesitation, he fought back the impulse to kiss her.

“Shit…” He cursed under his breath and pinched An Xiaxia’s cheek. “Stop looking at me like that!”

Her eyes were so clean and pure that he couldn’t bring himself to do anything indecent!

An Xiaxia looked at him innocently, which only made Qi Yanxi all the more irritated. He let go of her and strode out.

Damn it!

After Tang Yijun’s next tutoring session, An Xiaxia suggested that she should go back to school. However, Tang Yijun was very evasive with his reply. “Take a few more days off. You can use a little more catching-up.”

An Xiaxia gave him a suspicious look, sensing that he was hiding something from her.

After dinner, she called Sheng Yize, but his phone was still switched off.

She took a deep breath and picked up her phone, trying to distract herself with something else.

She randomly clicked into the bbs and found Qixia’s homepage, then opened a popular post. Her face soon turned dark.

Let’s talk about a pretentious bitch recently active in Qixia, shall we~

I presume that everyone has heard the news of Captain Yize leaving showbiz. Today, some fans posted a photo of Captain Yize boarding a plane at the airport. I’m going to reveal a secret to you all here and tell you whose fault it was that Captain Yize ended up like this!

And there are pictures to go with it.

Below were all images of her and Sheng Yize together!

An Xiaxia bit her lip. How was she involved in Sheng Yize dropping out of the business?