Chapter 438: No Shame, No Self-Blame

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In every photo, the two of them were together. They were sharing a meal or drinking milk; he was tutoring her or rubbing her hair… they all had an intimate air to them. In them, Sheng Yize no longer had the detached manner he presented to other people, but had a gentle and indulgent look on his face.

The most explosive picture of all was the one taken during the filming of “The Tale of the Banished Immortal,” when Sheng Yize had forced a kiss on her!

It was just that when it was posted online back then, the girl’s face had been pixelated. However, the one in this post was an unfiltered HD image!

In it, An Xiaxia was blushing while Sheng Yize pinned her down in the chair and kissed her passionately… Anyone would assume that they were a couple deeply in love.

The text under the pictures read: That’s right, this girl is responsible for our Captain Yize’s withdrawal from showbiz. As the saying goes: no shame, no self-blame. She led Captain Yize on, tricked him into falling in love with her, then mercilessly dumped Captain Yize! Captain Yize even injured his hand because of her and has to leave the entertainment industry, leaving him no other choice but to go abroad! It’s all her fault!

Naturally, there were people who didn’t buy this and questioned the original uploader below. “If that’s all that happened, I can only conclude that Sheng Yize is too fragile. He has to leave the country because he got dumped? How weak is that?”

The original uploader [Ice Lemon] replied: Of course not. You won’t be able to keep your pants on if you knew Captain Yize’s background. He’s the only heir to the Sheng family, as in one of the four business tycoons of Yu City! The Sheng family will never accept such a common girl and Captain Yize was at odds with his family over her the whole time. The girl is such a piece of work. She said that she would break up with Sheng Yize if she couldn’t marry into his rich family! She even has something going on with the heir to the Qi family here at Qixia… Tsk, tsk. No man could stand that!

At those words, public opinion sided with the original uploader and everyone began to curse An Xiaxia.

Some had found out her real name and which class she was in, some attacked her personally, someone had even photoshopped her picture into a portrait of a deceased person and spread it across the bbs…

An Xiaxia bit her lip hard. By only telling half the truth and inciting the public, the original uploader had successfully turned all of Sheng Yize’s fans at Qixia against her…

That way, when she went back to school, she would definitely face enormous public pressure.

No wonder Tang Yijun didn’t want her to go back!

With shaking fingers, she refreshed the page and noticed that all the posts had miraculously disappeared. Her phone then began to ring frantically.

She picked up and heard Qi Yanxi’s exasperated voice on the other end. “Hey, you know what? Steer clear of the bbs!”

An Xiaxia murmured, “I saw it already…”

Qi Yanxi was obviously taken aback by that reply. He then bellowed ferociously, “So what if you saw it! It’s just some stupid bitch making stuff up. I’ve hacked the bbs and deleted all those posts. So don’t you worry!”

“Thank you.”

“We’re beyond all these ‘thanks.’ By the way, I heard from Mr. Tang that you’re thinking about coming back to school?”


“Have you made up your mind? Do it if you’re going to. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!”

An Xiaxia sighed after hanging up. Qi Yanxi was really a very nice guy. He never rejected her ideas, but only tried to protect her in his own way.

She felt very safe around him.

However, there were things she had to face herself eventually.

The next day.

An Xiaxia arrived at Qixia with her backpack over her shoulders.

Many people began to point at her when they spotted her and whispered to one another.

Once she entered her classroom, her fellow classmates all gave her a scornful look.

“Why, An Xiaxia, to what do we owe this pleasure?” asked Nangong Jing in a voice dripping with sarcasm.