Chapter 439: An Xiaxia, Do You Have A Death Wish?

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Li Canxing sneered. “There are people with skins thicker than walls. What can we do about it?”

“Screw you! One more word and you’re all dead!” Su Xiaomo exploded and bolted up, smacking the top of her desk. A hush fell over the classroom.

An Xiaxia darted Su Xiaomo a grateful glance.

Just then, Bai Ziyue the class teacher arrived in time, and looked worriedly at An Xiaxia.

Nangong Jing raised his hand and said in a greasy voice, “Miss, An Xiaxia has been absent for a month. It should be her turn to lead the morning reading session!”

Bai Ziyue hesitated a little. “In that case, An Xiaxia, please come up here and lead the rest of the class in reading the text aloud.”

Nangong Jing eyed the other students, who all got his message.

No one was going to follow her lead and An Xiaxia would be humiliated!

An Xiaxia took out her literature textbook from her bag and stood unflinching on the platform!

Her calm face and delicate features gave her pretty face an aloof quality.

Flipping the book open, the teenage girl began to read in a firm tone that rose and fell in cadence.

“If I love you —

I will never be a clinging trumpet creeper,

Using your high boughs to show off my height;

If I love you —

I will never be a spoony bird,

Repeating a monotonous song for green shade;

Or be a spring,

Bringing cool solace all year long;

Or be a steep peak,

Increasing your stature, reflecting your eminence.

We’ll share cold spells, storms and thunder;

We’ll share mist, haze and rainbows.

Seemingly always apart,

But also forever interdependent.

Only this can be great love,

The loyalty is here:

Love —

I love not only your strapping stature,

But also your firm stand,

The earth beneath you.”

An Xiaxia tossed her long, black hair back after reading the poem and walked back to her seat unhurriedly.

She read the entire poem in one go, as if she had guessed what the rest of the class was up to. Instead of leading them, she read it aloud all by herself!

The classroom was so quiet that everyone could hear the sound of their own breathing. They had yet to recover from the shock.

This was a famous love poem written by one of the “misty poets,” which expressed the philosophy of equality and freedom in love!

As An Xiaxia read the poem, the air she exuded was enough to stop a person from having any disrespectful thoughts!

After such a simple and effective counterattack, everyone in Class C had only one thought in their heads: There was no way that An Xiaxia was like what that post had said!

She was a brave, independent, and strong human being, not some woman who depended on men and dreamed of marrying into a rich family!

Even Qi Yanxi sat there dazed, unable to pull himself out of the atmosphere.

A long moment passed before he smiled crookedly.

He had indeed fallen in love with the right woman.

During recess, An Xiaxia ignored the whispers in the corridor and went up to the third floor.

This was Year 3’s territory. She went to Class A and spoke politely to a girl leaning on the door. “Could you get Li Fanxing for me, please?”

Recognizing who she was, the girl rolled her eyes at her. “Hey, Li Fanxing, someone’s here for you!”

Li Fanxing looked up, rearranged her hair, and elegantly rose to her feet. She went up to An Xiaxia and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Senior, I need to talk to you about something.” An Xiaxia’s smile was so charming that a lot of the boys gawked at her with open mouths!

Li Fanxing hated her for stealing her thunder. She looked this way and that, and said, “Follow me.”

She took An Xiaxia to a remote washroom on the third floor which was rarely visited.

Pushing the door open, they found no one inside. They then locked the door behind them in tacit agreement.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Li Fanxing stroked her fingernails lazily.

“Nothing, really. I just want to talk about life and future with a senior, and while I’m at it, I want to… beat you up…” After those words, Li Fanxing looked frightened. An Xiaxia then grabbed Li Fanxing by her hair, stuffed her head down the toilet, and flushed it. As the water rushed out, Li Fanxing began to scream!

“An Xiaxia, do you have a death wish? Ah… let go of me!”

An Xiaxia didn’t flinch. “Even if I did, you’ll die before I do, Li Fanxing – no, should I call you… Ice Lemon?”