Chapter 44: Whatever You Want, I Will Satisfy You (2)

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An Xiaxia blinked and wanted to try turning on the computer while An Yibei wasn’t looking. However An Yibei was more cunning than a fox and she was never going to get what she wanted so easily.

He flipped his hand and clutched An Xiaxia’s before repeating his offer, “Make a request.”

It seemed it really was a girlfriend…

An Xiaxia laughed inside but exuded a serious countenance. “Pinky promise!”

An Yibei smirked. “After a pinky promise, the one who peeks is the dog!”

An Xiaxia: “…” Did he have to be this vicious?

Frustrated, she made a pinky promise with her brother. An Xiaxia then directed an innocent smile at him as she asked, “Brother, winter is coming soon and I don’t have any clothes to wear. If I don’t wear anything, I’m going to freeze to death. You wouldn’t be so heartless, right?”

“It’s not that you’ll die without clothes. But rather, isn’t it that you’ll die without new clothes?” The corner of An Yibei’s mouth twitched as he easily pinpointed An Xiaxia’s intentions.

An Xiaxia pulled on his sleeve and sweetly smiled at him while emphasizing, “We made a pinky promise!”

An Yibei rolled his eyes then took out a card from his wallet and said, “The PIN is dad’s birthday. Get whatever you want yourself.”

An Xiaxia happily took it and said, “Thanks, boss.” She then skipped out, leaving An Yibei alone in his room.

After a good while, he let out a long breath and looked sad.

The next day.

Qixia High.

A whole day passed without anything out of the norm happening. The only irregular event was that Jian Xin’er’s seat remained empty.

During recess, An Xiaxia overheard Sheng Yize as he picked up a call. She had never seen his expression appear so cold.

“When you’ve done something wrong, isn’t it natural that you need to apologize?” he replied coolly and directly hung up.

An Xiaxia looked at him curiously. “Who was that?”

Sheng Yize shot her a glance. “Don’t you think you’re too curious about too many things?”

An Xiaxia awkwardly rubbed her nose as she replied dejectedly, “Oh.”

Sheng Yize gave his order in an unhurried tone like a grand dame. “Go get me a bottle of water.”

An Xiaxia puffed up her cheeks, then trotted out to get it for him, as obedient as the little assistant she was.

Chi Yuanfeng, who was seated in the row behind them, couldn’t help mocking, “Hey… Aren’t there two bottles of water inside Brother Yize’s desk from his fans? So why did he make Xiaxia go through the trouble?”

He Jiayu chuckled. “You’re still too young.”

Chi Yuanfeng: “What’re you talking about?”

Before long, An Xiaxia was back with the water. Sheng Yize then gave another command which was to massage his shoulders and legs. An Xiaxia looked utterly reluctant. Furthermore, the piercing looks that all the female students in the classroom were giving her made her feel as though she was being pierced with holes like a sieve.

There were even a few who had begun to stir, secretly discussing if they needed to teach An Xiaxia a lesson.

However, these thoughts were ruthlessly extinguished before they had a chance to sprout. And from then on, no one at Qixia High dared to mess with An Xiaxia without considering the consequences.

After the last bell of the day rang, the campus broadcast was switched on with the sound of someone saying “testing, testing” into the microphone. After that, there came the reluctant voice of a girl, who was speaking through her teeth, and her words were soon heard throughout the entire Qixia High.

“Hello everyone, I’m Jian Xin’er, a first-year from Class C. Here, I want to officially apologize to my fellow student An Xiaxia! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have bullied you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have set you up and tried to get you expelled. I’m sorry, it was all my fault. I beg for your forgiveness!”

The entire school exploded in an uproar.

Heavens, Jian Xin’er, who was always so arrogant and domineering and who didn’t give a damn about the world, was actually apologizing by using such an embarrassing method?

An Xiaxia held onto her bag as she sat dazed in her seat. Disbelief filled her face.