Chapter 440: Watch This, Bitch

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“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Li Fanxing struggled free and pulled herself out of the toilet. Her face and hair were all soaked and she made a very sorry picture.

An Xiaxia took hold of her hair and banged her head against the door!

“Stop pretending already! You were the one who leaked that photo back then, weren’t you? No one but a member of the crew could have taken that photo! The uploader is someone familiar with the grudges between me, Sheng Yize, and Song Qingchen, knows about Sheng Yize’s background, and can take those intimate pictures in Qixia… Putting all those clues together, you’re the only candidate!”

An Xiaxia was genuinely enraged. All this time, the person that had been plotting against her and setting her up was none other than Li Fanxing!

Her post was also trying to make it difficult for An Xiaxia to keep a foothold in Qixia.

However, it in turn exposed her identity!

Talk about becoming a victim of one’s own cleverness!

Exposed, Li Fanxing smiled brightly. “Fine, I admit it! So what? Sheng Yize has left the country with Song Qingchen and your reputation in school is ruined. Do you think Qi Yanxi will still like someone like you?”

An Xiaxia looked shocked. “You did all this for Qi Yanxi?!”

“Hmph!” Li Fanxing tried to grab An Xiaxia’s arm, but An Xiaxia was surprisingly strong.

Anyone could lose their temper every now and then, not to mention someone that had just been riled up. Right now, An Xiaxia felt like a bomb had gone off inside her and she wanted to tear Li Fanxing to pieces!

“Heh… So you think Qi Yanxi will take you back if I’m out of the picture, do you? He has long forgotten about you. Doing this will simply make him clearly see what a crazy hag you are!” An Xiaxia said indignantly.

Li Fanxing screamed hysterically like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She shoved An Xiaxia with all her might.

The two tussled around and the noise they made grew louder, which attracted a lot of onlookers.

The girl who had called Li Fanxing for An Xiaxia was vexed. “An Xiaxia is outrageous! How dare she hit Li Fanxing! Let’s teach her a lesson!”

Li Fanxing’s loyal fans nodded and a few tall, salwart boys moved closer, trying to break the door down.

“What’s happening?” A cocky voice came from behind. The boys froze and didn’t dare lift a finger.

Qi Yanxi strolled casually toward them while whistling a tune.

Little Dummy Xia was in a fight? Hoho, how could he miss that event?

“Young Master Qi…” Everyone knew how terrifying Devil Qi was and the crowd fell back like an ebbing tide.

Qi Yanxi frowned. Judging from the sounds of the tussle inside, An Xiaxia didn’t seem to be winning?

Damn! He swore he would beat the other person to a pulp!

“You’re not fooling me, bitch! You’ve been hitting on Qi Yanxi the whole time…” Jealousy sparked in Li Fanxing’s eyes as she tried to grab An Xiaxia’s hair. An Xiaxia nimbly dodged her hand and slapped Li Fanxing in return.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I have an idea.” An Xiaxia deliberately chose the words that would hurt Li Fanxing the most. “I bet you don’t know this, but Qi Yanxi has been confessing his love for me every single day! I think I should say yes to him. That way, we can play the lovebirds when you’re around.”


“I what? I love this! The way I disgust you but you can do nothing to me. Here, hit me if you dare. If you so much as scratch my nail, I’ll ask Qi Yanxi to get back at you ten-fold!”

The goading words worked. Li Fanxing rolled her eyes and almost fainted.

The door was then kicked open and Qi Yanxi walked in, arrogant as ever. “Why, Little Dummy Xia, I see you’ve learned to flaunt your powerful connections now!”