Chapter 441: That Eager to Be Exposed?

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He narrowed his eyes and scanned the washroom. Good. An Xiaxia’s face was unscathed and her school uniform remained neat and tidy. It seemed she hadn’t been the side to suffer.

As for Li Fanxing, she was a much sorrier picture than An Xiaxia. Her clothes were disheveled and her hair was unkempt, wet, and giving off a strange smell…

Qi Yanxi fanned the air with an open palm. “That stinks…”

Her head had been flushed in a toilet. How could she not stink?

All the color had drained from Li Fanxing’s face.

She didn’t actually like Qi Yanxi all that much, but she still couldn’t stand being laughed at like this!

Outside, quite a few students took the opportunity to rush forward to get a look inside the washroom. A few snickers escaped their throats when they saw what had happened inside.

The laughter soon spread out and many outside the washroom began to snicker behind their hands as well.

Li Fanxing was used to people clustering around her in utter admiration; she had never encountered such humiliation! Biting her lip hard, she racked her brain and said viciously, “An Xiaxia, didn’t you say just then that you were going to say yes to Young Master Qi? Heh, didn’t you just break up? If you say yes, you’re betraying Sheng Yize! If you say no, well, are you playing with Young Master Qi’s affections?”

Gosh! How venomous could this woman be?!

An Xiaxia frowned. She hadn’t known that Qi Yanxi was outside just then, and had only said those things to annoy Li Fanxing.

However, she didn’t know how to explain herself now.

Whatever she said, it would sound like the wrong answer.

Qi Yanxi’s face turned grim and he gave Li Fanxing a murderous look. “Since when is my life your f**king business?”

Li Fanxing’s cheeks flushed, seemingly from anger.

“Young Master Qi… I… But An Xiaxia is threatening others in your name. She’s obviously disrespecting you!” Anyway, Li Fanxing had only one strategy now, and that was to discredit An Xiaxia in front of Qi Yanxi!

Qi Yanxi looked at her as if she was an oaf. “So what if she breaks the law or goes around killing people and setting fires? I like her and I’ll indulge her however I want. Keep your mouth shut!”

Li Fanxing choked on her own breath. She swayed and fell to the ground.

Qi Yanxi’s words had certainly hurt her deeply!

He would indulge her… was An Xiaxia really the girl he liked?

An Xiaxia watched Qi Yanxi with an open mouth. Qi Yanxi raised an eyebrow at her, then walked her out with an arm around her shoulders.

The crowd made way for them voluntarily and many girls were now eyeing An Xiaxia enviously.

She had scored Devil Qi! That was awesome!

A girl anxiously ran up to Li Fanxing. “Fanxing, are you alright?”

Li Fanxing rolled her eyes. This idiot! The crowd had already turned their attention to Qi Yanxi and An Xiaxia, but this idiot had just made them turn back to her.

To avoid further humiliation, Li Fanxing had no choice but to pretend to faint.

Country M.

The country’s weather was unbelievably nice. The blue sky, the white clouds, the foreign buildings, and the white pigeons that flew up in the air every now and then all made Song Qingchen completely relaxed and happy.

She flicked her fingernails, under which she had hidden a small amount of that powder.

She looked up at the remarkable teenager in a shirt and long trousers a short distance in front of her and smiled. She was going to use the same trick and drug Sheng Yize again.

With such romantic surroundings and the slight dizziness from the powder, she was confident that she could make Sheng Yize agree to marry her!

She went up to Sheng Yize and said shyly, “Brother Ah Ze, your tie is askew. Let me redo it for you…”

Standing on tiptoe, her fingers stealthily moved closer. However, she only got halfway there when Sheng Yize caught her wrists.

“Song Qingchen, are you that eager to be exposed?”