Chapter 442: You’re No Longer the Girl I Remember

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Song Qingchen was petrified. However, she still played the innocent girl and said in a saccharine tone, “Brother Ah Ze, what are you talking about~ I’m only adjusting your tie for you…”

Sheng Yize smiled and his grip on her thin wrists tightened. Looking down, he saw Song Qingchen’s ten slender fingers and the sparkling decorations on the nails.

“This is the same drug you used on me last time, isn’t it?” He turned Song Qingchen’s hands over and saw the hint of powder under her nails.

Song Qingchen’s heart fell. Had he found out?


“Brother Ah Ze, what drug? You’re not making any sense.” Song Qingchen swallowed and the smile on her face went rigid.

Sheng Yize caressed her hair gently. “When someone is lying, they’ll avoid eye contact, swallow, and act nervously. Song Qingchen, you’ve just done all of them.”

Song Qingchen’s face turned livid. Sheng Yize picked up a little powder from under her nails and sneered. “If I’m guessing correctly, this drug can give you hallucinations.”

Although he couldn’t remember exactly what happened that day, he had the faint memory of a very bizarre dream, where everything was illusionary and eerie.

That obviously wasn’t the effect of alcohol, but of some type of drug!

Song Qingchen tried all she could to pull her hands back, biting her lip until it almost bled.

When had he figured it out… Hadn’t he agreed to come abroad to be together with her?

Why? Why was this happening?

“I… I didn’t…” she denied weakly. Little did she know, all her words were useless on Sheng Yize.

His voice grew colder. “I always trusted you. I believed that you were still that innocent little girl from ten years ago, but you’re not. Song Qingchen, you’ve grown up. You’re no longer the girl I remember.”

People changed. He could understand that.

However, he would never indulge Song Qingchen and her vile tricks!

“You probably don’t know about the secret surveillance cameras in the Song family home, do you?” Sheng Yize smiled. “I’ve seen the video footage of you tampering with the wine. It was a drug to knock one out, wasn’t it? That was why Uncle Song got drunk that day…”

Sheng Yize paused at those words and frowned.

Something else had happened after he had gotten drunk…

There was a bleary image, which looked like a painting…

However, the contents of that painting seemed to be heavily pixelated and he couldn’t make out what it was…

Damn it! He couldn’t remember!

Song Qingchen swayed. She hadn’t lived long enough in that house and had thought she had found a secluded enough spot. Never had she expected to be recorded!

“But we – we…” Song Qingchen lowered her head and looked at her feet with the shyest expression.

So what if she had drugged him? Everyone thought they had slept together… She would be fine as long as she stuck to the story!

Sheng Yize forced her to look up by holding her chin. “It’s very easy to find out. How about we do it again?”

Had this question come a few days earlier, Song Qingchen would have said yes without hesitation!

But now… how could she…

Her lie would be exposed as soon as they slept together…

She stomped her foot, sounding ashamed and annoyed. “Fine, I drugged you. If you had evidence, why didn’t you expose me before?”

Sheng Yize smiled again and he looked at Song Qingchen with pity.

“Heh… you really think I saw footage?”