Chapter 443: You Tricked Me!

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Those words were like thunderbolts in Song Qingchen’s ears.

The teenager in front of her remained as calm as ever. She could even make out her flushed and flustered face in his black pupils.

She had lost to this teenager after only a few words!

He had agreed to come abroad with her to lower her guard. With his accurate deductions, he had guessed that she had drugged him; he had discovered the drug she had hidden under her fingernails with his excellent judgment, and had made her admit to her deeds without breaking a sweat!

How level-headed and self-assured did one have to be to pull this off?

There were never any surveillance cameras to begin with. It had all been a trick!

Song Qingchen’s smile looked hideous. “You said I changed, but what about you? Sheng Yize, you tricked me! Me!”

Sheng Yize looked as if he had just heard the funniest joke. He then replied in an indifferent tone, “I was only responding to a fool with her own foolery. My trick was nothing compared with the clever deeds of the beautiful and intelligent Miss Song.”

“Why… why are you doing this? I don’t mind if you lie to me. Just stay here with me, won’t you?” Song Qingchen pleaded, holding onto his sleeve.

Sheng Yize gave her an emotionless look. “You’ll be the only one staying here.”

That was the last thing he was going to say. He then turned to leave.

Song Qingchen gritted her teeth and rushed to the driveway!

Drivers here tended to drive quite fast. Song Qingchen had run out so abruptly and an SUV didn’t have time to dodge. It was going to hit her head-on…

The blond driver behind the wheel opened his mouth in terror.

At that critical moment, Song Qingchen felt someone yank her back. She didn’t even blink when a grim-faced Sheng Yize spun her around and pushed her back toward the sidewalk.

He then dodged swiftly, but the car still grazed his leg. He frowned and managed to steady himself.

“You’re out of your mind!” Sheng Yize scolded her in a low voice. Song Qingchen chuckled like a little child. “I knew you would save me…”

The driver rushed out of his car and asked a bunch of questions in English. Sheng Yize gestured that he was fine and waved the man off.

“What’s this? Putting your own life at risk?” Sheng Yize sneered.

Song Qingchen held his arm and said pitifully, “Don’t leave me… I almost lost my own life saving you back then… Brother Ah Ze, have you forgotten the old days?”

Sheng Yize’s face was as impassive as a still pond. “I paid you back just then. Song Qingchen, stop threatening me with what happened before. A relationship is a two-way thing and what you’re doing will only make me dislike you more.”

Tears instantly rolled down her cheeks.

She had played her last card and still couldn’t win his heart.

Her bag was thrown out just then and the contents were all over the ground. Two white medicine bottles rolled to Sheng Yize’s feet…

Back at the An family home.

An Xiaxia had been trying to call Sheng Yize for the past few days in a row, but all her attempts were like pebbles dropped in the sea. She could never get hold of him.

She felt as if a hundred little claws were scratching her chest, and holding that necklace in her hand, she was perplexed.

Knock, knock —

There was a tap on her door and An Yibei entered with a dark face. He was holding a laptop.

“Brother, what’s wrong?” An Xiaxia was confused.

An Yibei snorted and tossed the laptop on her desk. “See for yourself. It’s from that bastard Sheng Yize.”

Sheng Yize? What had he sent?

There was an audio file on the desktop. An Xiaxia put on her earphones and clicked play.