Chapter 444: Going After the Idol Alone (1)

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It was a conversation between a man and a woman.

“If I’m guessing correctly, this drug can give you hallucinations.”

“Song Qingchen, you’ve grown up. You’re no longer the girl I remember.”

“Fine, I drugged you. If you had evidence, why didn’t you expose me before?”


The recording was only several minutes long and it was a conversation between Song Qingchen and Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia clenched her fists involuntarily after the recording ended.

It was exactly like what she had overheard in the men’s washroom that day! Song Qingchen had indeed drugged Sheng Yize!

She closed the audio file and found a picture on the desktop as well. Clicking it open, she saw that it was test results for pharmaceutical ingredients with two medicine bottles on the side.

One bottle had a hallucinogen and the other knockout drops…

It was his proof! He had found his proof!

An Xiaxia bolted to her feet, dashed out of her room, and ran straight for An Yibei’s room.

An Yibei was casually flipping through a book. An Xiaxia hesitantly went up to him and said quietly, “Brother…”

“You’ve seen all the files?” An Yibei asked indifferently.

Hmph, that brat was clever enough. It hadn’t taken him long to gather the evidence!

“Yes…” An Xiaxia tugged the lower hem of her clothes and said timidly, “But I can’t get hold of him…”

“So?” An Yibei’s cold voice came off a little harsh.

An Xiaxia took a deep breath, summoned her courage, and announced, “I want to go find him!”

An Yibei narrowed his eyes like a cheetah.

A grown girl couldn’t be kept at home.

He sneered. “Go find him? He’s in another country. Do you think this is as easy as when you ran off the last time? Do you think you can just hail a taxi and it’ll take you to his house? You have to go abroad to find him!”

An Xiaxia lowered her head at his reprimand, but still murmured, “I want to go.”

Despite her tiny voice, she sounded persistent.

An Yibei clenched his fist and looked away awkwardly. “You’re old enough to make your own decisions. Don’t expect any help from me.”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up. By saying those words, An Yibei had actually given his consent. She replied with an emphatic “yes,” then ran back to her room to prepare.

Inside his room, An Yibei fixed his gaze on a thick book of statutes but couldn’t read a single word.

Love really seemed to have an immense power. He still saw An Xiaxia as that little girl who would cry her eyes out when her ice cream was taken away. Before he knew it, she had grown into a big girl that would go out alone to fight for her love.

She had grown up; he had grown old.

His forced smile brought a bitter taste to his mouth.

After much consideration, An Xiaxia finally decided to give Qi Yanxi a call.

He was the only one she knew that could find out where Sheng Yize was.

Qi Yanxi listened as An Xiaxia tentatively made her request, which gave him a bittersweet feeling.

It was sweet because he was the first person that she had thought of when something was up.

It was bitter because this was the first time she had asked for his help, but it was for another man.

An Xiaxia fidgeted as she waited for his reply. After a long silence, Qi Yanxi said cockily, “I thought you wanted me to do something tough for you. Just leave it to me.”

Before she could utter a “thank you,” he hung up.

Two hours later, An Xiaxia received a text message. She gripped her phone, looking very sure of herself.

After quickly booking her ticket, packing her bags, and asking Bai Ziyue for leave, An Xiaxia took a redeye flight headed for Country M.

Meanwhile, under an evening sky, Sheng Yize sighed as he picked up his phone, which he hadn’t dared switch on until now.

Would An Xiaxia… forgive him?