Chapter 445: Going After the Idol Alone (2)

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Gazing at the rolling clouds through the plane window, An Xiaxia still found all this surreal.

The plane landed in Country M. An Xiaxia filled in her immigration form and entered the foreign country with a backpack over her shoulders.

Looking around, she saw mostly fair-skinned and blue-eyed foreigners, as well as some strongly-built people of African descent with darker skin tones.

An Xiaxia took out a note with Sheng Yize’s address written on it in English. She then hailed a taxi outside the airport. With a mixture of broken English, hand gestures, and the help of a translation app, she was finally driven to her destination by the enthusiastic driver.

Rock-and-roll music played in the car and An Xiaxia’s heart thumped with the beat.

She had actually come here to find Sheng Yize all by herself.

That was simply unimaginable.

She pinched her cheek and grimaced at the pain, finally feeling reality set in.

It was well after dark in Country M now. At this hour, most people in Yu City would have gone to bed. However, the nightlife here had just begun. The streets were brightly lit with splendid lights and it was boisterous everywhere.

Affected by the bustling city scene, An Xiaxia rolled down the window and savored the view outside.

All of a sudden, a few gunshots ripped through the air, which made her break into a cold sweat.

“Oh my god!” She clutched her seatbelt in fright, while the driver told her with a smile, “Don’t worry, pretty lady, that’s common practice here. You’re safe.”

An Xiaxia felt like crying but no tears would come. She only remembered now that owning firearms was legal in this country. Even a housewife could reach into her drawer and pull out a real gun.

She jabbed the tips of her index fingers together. After all, she was still a teenage girl and she couldn’t help but be frightened by all this.

About an hour later, the car stopped outside an apartment building. An Xiaxia paid the driver, then summoned up her courage and went up to the door. She pressed the doorbell.

Steady footsteps came from inside, which An Xiaxia recognized immediately as Sheng Yize’s. Her heart was racing.

Jeez! She was getting the jitters!

The door opened, revealing Sheng Yize’s handsome face. His hair was a little disheveled and the look on his face was impassive. His pupils dilated when he saw An Xiaxia. Disbelief was written all over his face.

Thud —

He closed the door in her face!

An Xiaxia: …

A moment later, the door was opened again. Sheng Yize blinked and even rubbed his eyes before he said in a shaky voice, “Xiaxia…?”

An Xiaxia rarely saw him flustered like this and couldn’t help but chuckle. She then remembered that they hadn’t made up yet, so she smiled awkwardly and asked, “May I come in?”

The next second, she was wrapped in a pair of warm and strong arms. Sheng Yize was hugging her so hard that she felt like she was going to be pressed into his chest. His chest was heaving and he sounded out of breath.

“Xiaxia… dummy… is it really you? Why are you here?!”

An Xiaxia wriggled in his arms and made a muffled sound. “Sheng Yize, go easy… You’re crushing me!”

Sheng Yize loosened his grip immediately. He then saw that An Xiaxia was pouting with disgruntlement. “Are you not happy to see me here?”

Our scheming fellow narrowed his eyes and gave her a teasing look. After locking the door, he gave her a very passionate kiss, just to demonstrate how “happy” he was…

It was only when An Xiaxia was all light-headed and disoriented that Sheng Yize finally let go of her.

The little woman’s cheeks were practically bright red. “You… Shame on you!”

Brushing his slender fingers across her swollen lips, Sheng Yize said quietly, “Xiaxia, do you still remember that nursery rhyme we used to sing in kindergarten? ‘My dear little rabbit, be a good kid and open the door…’”

An Xiaxia looked perplexed.

“The little rabbit has just knocked on the door of the big bad wolf. Tell me, should I eat you, or eat you up?”