Chapter 448: I Prefer To Be The Bad Guy

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“Hm…” A flush spread from An Xiaxia’s face down to her neck as she tried to push him away. However, she had way too little strength and her attempt only made her look like she was playing hard to get.

Sheng Yize smiled. His kisses landed on her delicate collarbones before he made his way down. He nibbled on her skin, which made An Xiaxia curl up. Her fair skin was flushed pink now, which seemed to cause Sheng Yize’s eyes to turn darker.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to do this…” An Xiaxia nibbled on her fingers and looked at him with teary eyes.

Sheng Yize chuckled. “You’re probably right…”

“This is the part where you awaken to the truth and turn away from the wrong path!” An Xiaxia blinked her big eyes expectantly.

Sheng Yize sighed. “But I prefer to be the bad guy. After all, I’m up to no good.”

“Aaah — you bastard!” An Xiaxia shrieked, kicked and punched, and even used her teeth. “I’m not sleeping with you! Hmph!”


Sheng Yize didn’t seem vexed by this. He bent down and gave her a few more kisses before rebuttoning her shirt.

He then buried his head in her neck, chuckling happily.

This was his Xiaxia.

It felt so good.

It was her, not anyone else.

An Xiaxia wouldn’t let her guard down that easily and waved her little fists at him. “Do that again and I’m gonna beat you up!”

It was quite a while before he replied with a smile. “Of course.”

An Xiaxia snuggled up in his arms despite her bluster and before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

Sheng Yize stroked her hair. This little dummy… really trusted him.

Everything was worth it.

Qixia High.

The morning classes had just ended and the canteen was packed. Thanks to her speed, Su Xiaomo got her hands on a few dishes she liked and found herself and Kang Jian two seats.

“Sister Mo, can you not take meat from my plate?” Kang Jian felt like crying a river.

Su Xiaomo yawned. “Say that again, I dare you.”

Knowing too well the disparity between their combat capabilities, Kang Jian picked up two more pieces of braised pork in humiliation and offered them willingly.

“These are the last two. Please have mercy!”

Su Xiaomo ate her meat, feeling very content. All of a sudden, another plate appeared beside her, filled with meat and seafood.

Stars sparkled in Su Xiaomo’s eyes and she almost drooled.

Looking up, she saw Qi Yanxi’s unruly handsome face. He sat down in a cocky manner and pushed the plate toward her. “It’s for you.”

“Is it poisoned?” Su Xiaomo was very cautious.

The corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched. “I just want to know how An Xiaxia is doing.”

“Oh…” So, he was asking for a favor. “She arrived safely. I talked to her on Wechat last night and she found Sheng Yize. You know how it is. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. They can’t be any happier now…”

Qi Yanxi felt his heart being pricked by a hundred needles at those words. It was so intense that he thought his heart must have been torn into pieces.

However, he managed to keep a scornful face on. “She’s getting smarter, then — didn’t get abducted or anything.”

He swiftly rose to his feet and was going to leave when Su Xiaomo stopped him by tugging at his clothes. “Hey, there’s something I need to ask you.”

Qi Yanxi found this very strange. “Huh?”

Su Xiaomo waved at the goofy Kang Jian, gesturing for him to leave. Kang Jian obeyed her order without protest and fled the scene.

She then jabbed the tips of her index fingers together bashfully, which frightened Qi Yanxi so much that he almost fell off his chair.

“Brother Mo, ask whatever you want! You’re scaring me!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. On second thought, she realized she couldn’t lose her temper now. Lowering her voice, she asked in a mysterious tone, “What kind of girls do boys like?”

Qi Yanxi sized her up and down. “Why, Brother Mo, which boy is it?”

“No one. I’m just asking… Tell me before I kick your ass!”