Chapter 449: Oppa, Saranghaeyo

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Qi Yanxi gave her an “I’ve seen it all” face and snorted, “You’ve watched Korean dramas, right? How do the girls address boys in it?”

Su Xiaomo thought hard. She genuinely disliked those type of dramas, but she had gone through two of the most popular ones with An Xiaxia.

She recalled the lines and mumbled, “Oppa…”

“Yup. So what do they say when they confess their love?”

“Oppa, saranghaeyo.” That was the only Korean she could speak, which meant “Brother, I love you.”

Qi Yanxi shook his head and sighed. “You sound so tough. Sweeten it! Do you know what a saccharine voice is?”

Su Xiaomo shook her head in confusion. Apparently, those words had never been part of her vocabulary.

Young Master Qi patted her shoulder. “Fine, I’ll sacrifice myself for you just this once. Watch me!”

He pinched his thumb and middle finger together, with the other three half-bent, making a so-called “orchid hand gesture.” He then bashfully poked Su Xiaomo with his index finger and said, “Oppa, saranghaeyo~”

Su Xiaomo was speechless. Gosh! It gave her goosebumps!

Qi Yanxi pushed it further. Blinking his big eyes, he said innocently, “I really, really like you~ Say something please~ Pretty please!”

Retch —

Su Xiaomo couldn’t take it anymore and began to gag.

Qi Yanxi was flabbergasted. “Screw you! I’ve been nothing but a good friend. Why are you throwing up on me?”

Su Xiaomo looked up at the sky, unable to utter a word. Anyone who had to witness that arrogant devil suddenly speak in a saccharine voice would react the way she did!

“I… I think I get the drill.” She struggled to sit up.

“Well, try it on me first, then.”

Su Xiaomo started from step one and gave Qi Yanxi a poke.

Thump —

Qi Yanxi was poked to the ground.

Su Xiaomo: “…”

Qi Yanxi: “…”

Damn it! Why was this woman so strong?!

Su Xiaomo forced herself to say, “Sorry about that… Are you ok?”

Qi Yanxi swore he had internal bleeding of some kind. “I… am… fine…”

“Let’s do it again.”

This time, Su Xiaomo restrained her strength, poked Qi Yanxi, then flipped her hair. Her voice was soft and sweet. “Oppa, saranghaeyo~”

Qi Yanxi opened his eyes wide. After a long while, he patted Su Xiaomo on her shoulder. “Brother Mo, you almost looked like a woman just then!”

“F**k you! Go away!” Su Xiaomo swung her palm at him and Qi Yanxi was on the floor again.

The two tussled around noisily. A short distance away, a genteel fellow squeezed his chopsticks hard.

He had only just got to the canteen when he saw Su Xiaomo buttering up to Qi Yanxi.

He had also heard her confession of love.

Did Su Xiaomo like someone else now?

As it turned out, she could be that gentle and lovely in front of the guy she liked.

The usual smile was wiped from He Jiayu’s face as he stood up and threw his untouched lunch into the bin. He left the canteen without looking back.

It was a night of sweet dreams.

An Xiaxia woke up to find the spot next to her empty.

Frightened, she jumped off the bed and rushed out of the room.

Only when she saw the tall figure bustling around in the kitchen did her heart stop pounding.

“Why aren’t you wearing your shoes?” Sheng Yize darted her a disapproving look.

An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly. “Teehee…”

The doorbell rang at that moment. In order to cover her fluster, An Xiaxia called out, “I’ll get it! Lemme get it!”

She opened the door to find a delicate Song Qingchen looking up at her with eyes swollen from crying.

An Xiaxia made her decision right there and right then. Click — she shut the door immediately!