Chapter 45: An Xiaxia, Please Forgive Me

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Su Xiaomo was the first one to react by rolling up her sleeves. “This scheming bitch. Is there some kind of master plan going on? Xiaxia, just wait. Today, I’m going to beat her up until she becomes a pighead!”

An Xiaxia was flustered and appeased the fuming Su Xiaomo right away.

Kang Jian called out, “Xiaxia, did someone bully you? What’s going on, why didn’t you tell me?!”

An Xiaxia felt moved when she saw her two friends being so protective of her, but she put on an indifferent face as she replied, “Gosh, it’s nothing. It’s just a trifle between girls. You can both calm down, alright!”

Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian glanced at one another before fiercely rushing out. An Xiaxia quickly jumped to her feet and could only chase after them.

Sheng Yize played with his pen, the corners of his lips curling up.

His phone vibrated once and he picked up the call. An Yibei’s clear voice came from the other end. “Not bad. Young Master Sheng really is efficient. I heard that the Sheng family has already gotten that real estate project?”

“The same goes to you. All credit should go to Mr. An. Without your petition, Jian Enterprise stocks wouldn’t have dropped by 30% in only a few days.” Sheng Yize’s reply was very humble.

The two men exchanged some pleasantries before An Yibei hung up. Meanwhile, his nonchalant voice came through the school broadcast. “Hey, Miss Jian, are you genuinely apologizing to my little sister? Why don’t I feel any sincerity at all?”

Jian Xin’er’s face was covered with tears. There was also a distinctive handprint left on her cheek — an artwork left behind last night by her father.

She had never imagined that An Xiaxia’s older brother was this powerful, let alone that Sheng Yize was actually the young master of the Sheng family and would have his family secretly contend against Jian Enterprise. Not only did they drag the company down, they had also stolen a project from them, which had given Father Jian a stroke.

She wiped her tears reluctantly and continued to read into the microphone.”It was all my fault. I beg Miss An to accept my sincere apology and I will never bother Miss An ever again!”

Because school had already ended, quite a few people had gathered outside the broadcast room and were pointing at it while gossiping.

“Hahaha, this is the first time I’ve realized that Jian Xin’er is such a wonderful piece of work! I’m practically dying of laughter!”

“Tch, so what if she’s the Jian Enterprise heiress? In the end, doesn’t she still have to kneel in the face of money and properly apologize to a specialized student?”

“She deserves it! So many people at this school have been bullied by her!”


Jian Xin’er could hear all the snickering and comments from the people who were taking pleasure in her misfortune as she wiped her tears again.

An Xiaxia rushed over alone and Jian Xin’er threw away her microphone. She then pointed at An Xiaxia as she asked, “Are you happy now? Can you get your brother to withdraw all the charges now?”

An Yibei was dressed in a suit and looked perfectly presentable. With a tongue that was just as vicious as he looked, he spoke, “You’re really arrogant.”

Jian Xin’er had tears in her eyes and knew to hold her tongue.

She didn’t want to go home to receive another slap from her father and she definitely didn’t want the Jian family’s stocks to plummet any further.

She wasn’t the brightest, but she wasn’t completely brainless. So, she then did something that shocked everyone.

“I’m sorry, An Xiaxia. Can you please forgive me?” She then turned toward An Xiaxia and did a ninety-degree bow.

“I accept your apology, but I will never ever forgive you!” An Xiaxia said calmly. Looking down, Jian Xin’er’s expression became ferociously sinister.