Chapter 451: Xiaxia… I’m Sorry…

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From that tone, one didn’t have to guess to know that Song Qingchen had filed her complaints again.

Sheng Yize rubbed An Xiaxia’s head and whispered, “I need to get this.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia lay down on the sofa like a lamb and stayed very still, patting her plump stomach.

Sheng Yize went out to the balcony. The night breeze brushed gently against his face as he said calmly, “Uncle Song, nothing happened between me and Song Qingchen to begin with. I can’t let down another person because of a misunderstanding.”

In the past few days, he had sent the evidence not only to An Yibei, but to Sheng Qingyi and Song Huan as well.

Naturally, Sheng Qingyi was enraged, but only because Sheng Yize had exposed Song Qingchen, ruining any chance of a marriage between the two families.

Song Huan hadn’t contacted him; this was his first phone call since then.

On the other end, Song Huan looked exhausted. He had put in too much effort for this young daughter of his.

Because of her unusual status, he had always doted on her. However, that had only turned Song Qingchen into this haughty person and encouraged her to do all these preposterous deeds.

His disappointment toward Sheng Yize was actually directed at himself — for his failure as a parent.

” Sigh … Doomed love, that’s what this is.” Mr. Song heaved a heavy sigh. “I heard… that girl went there to find you?”

Sheng Yize replied with a “hm.” Mr. Song rubbed his temples and said, “In that case, I wish you two all happiness. I’ll talk to Songsong, and I hope you’ll get along well with her.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Sheng Yize was surprised at how amiable Mr. Song was.

Song Huan hung up shortly afterwards.

He activated the mechanism by his bed, revealing that exquisite oil painting.

The woman in it was so unbelievably good-looking that she almost looked otherworldly.

Song Huan’s lips quivered and he began to weep into his hands. “Xiaxia… I’m sorry…”

He had failed as a parent. Not only did he owe Song Qingchen, he owed Xiaxia more than he could atone for.

The following day, An Xiaxia was dragged out of bed, still half-asleep. She grumbled, “I want to sleep…”

“Oh, then I’ll go eat all the yummy food on my own.” It only took an indifferent remark from a certain scheming guy for An Xiaxia’s face to light up. She happily ran to wash up and toadied up to Sheng Yize as she brushed her teeth. “Sheng Yize, you’re so handsome today! You’re more handsome every day!”

Sheng Yize pursed his lips — the lengths this little glutton would go to for food.

The two went out for breakfast holding hands, meeting no one but strangers on the way. Sheng Yize was also an ordinary person here and he no longer needed his disguise. For the first time, An Xiaxia felt like she was in an honest relationship.

They strolled around unhurriedly the whole morning. The couple then walked into a shopping mall and Sheng Yize was defeated after two stores.

Seeing how excited An Xiaxia was, he hid his torment inside.

An Xiaxia saw through him right away. “Guys really don’t like shopping…”

Sheng Yize didn’t give her a straight answer. Instead, he picked a dress and handed it to An Xiaxia. “Go try it on.”

An Xiaxia ran happily into the changing room and came out holding the dress off the floor. She asked excitedly, “How do I look?”

“Great! We’ll take it.” Sheng Yize swiped his card and bought it right away.

It was the same procedure in the next store.

After a few stores, An Xiaxia felt guilty about all the bags of clothes in her hands. She poked Sheng Yize’s arm and said, “Let’s go get some lunch.”

Sheng Yize smiled. “Sure.”

All the words one needed to make their girlfriend happy: that’s pretty, of course, we’ll take it, and you’re right .

They worked wonders on little dummies like An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize’s mind only wandered for one second, but when he looked around, An Xiaxia was no longer beside him.

Sheng Yize panicked. “An Xiaxia?! Xiaxia!”