Chapter 452: She Has A Boyfriend

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Panic swamped him — it was a feeling he had never experienced until now.

That little dummy… He had only looked away for one second and she was lost?

A million ideas flashed through his head and his heart began to race…

He halted all of a sudden when he heard the clear and melodious voice of the teenage girl a short distance away. She was talking to someone in broken English. “Um… I don’t know the way…”

Following the sound, he realized that a young man had been blocking An Xiaxia from view, which was why he hadn’t been able to see her anywhere.

He let out a breath of relief. When he strode out again, he realized his fingers were shaking.

Damn it.

He saw why communication between the two was so difficult when he went up to them. The guy was French. An Xiaxia couldn’t understand what he was saying, nor could he understand An Xiaxia’s English.

Sheng Yize then rescued An Xiaxia from this awkward situation with his fluent French.

An Xiaxia sighed with relief. She then watched with reverence as Sheng Yize talked effortlessly with the man.

Sheng Yize was so remarkable.

The young French man was asking for directions. He thanked Sheng Yize repeatedly after the latter showed him the way, then said something excitedly to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was completely at a loss. She whispered to Sheng Yize, “What’s he saying?”

Sheng Yize’s face darkened. The French guy was basically saying, “Pretty lady, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Oh, he said your English sucks. He couldn’t understand a word.”

An Xiaxia was ashamed and lowered her head, sulking.

The smile on Sheng Yize’s face was almost undetectable. He replied, “She does.” The guy was noticeably disappointed and Sheng Yize added another blow. “And that would be me.”

He raised his chin like a typical tsundere.

The young French man sighed with disappointment. He looked at An Xiaxia again and found her the perfect example of an oriental beauty. He then lavished her with praise again.

Thinking that he was criticizing her, An Xiaxia lowered her head further. The young French man scratched his head and came up with two English words. “Star! Sea!”

Under An Xiaxia’s bewildered gaze, he pointed at An Xiaxia. “You.”

An Xiaxia was all the more baffled. Sheng Yize snorted and dragged her away.

An Xiaxia asked eagerly, “Sheng Yize, what did he say? Star? Sea?”

“He said you have a face without charm,” said Sheng Yize coldly.

Hmph! He was never going to tell her that the man had complimented her. “Your eyes are like the stars and the sea.”

“These foreigners have terrible taste! I’m full of charm!” An Xiaxia bristled. Sheng Yize looked away like a tsundere and wouldn’t talk to her.

Only then did belated realization dawn on An Xiaxia. This guy… was jealous.

Why would he be jealous of a foreigner that had called her ugly? Mr. Idol, what are you even thinking?

After ridiculing him in her head, An Xiaxia took out her phone and sent a message to Su Xiaomo, asking for help. “Holy Momo, help! What do I do with a jealous boyfriend?”

Sheng Yize caught sight of her phone and his face turned darker.

When he had been separated from An Xiaxia just then, he had thought of a hundred ways to look for her, which even included turning to the gangs that the Sheng family had connections with overseas. The only thing he hadn’t thought of was to give her a call!

Shit! This woman had really infected him with her dumbness!

An Xiaxia cringed at the look on his face. She stole a glance at her phone and saw that Su Xiaomo had replied with a laughing emoji, together with a line: “No problem can’t be solved by a good shag!”

An Xiaxia blushed. “Go away! We’re not that intimate yet!”

Sheng Yize turned toward her and whispered, “What are you doing?”